Performing Arts Scholarship Recipients Are Ready To Make Music

By, Megan LaCreta & Zoe DeFazio, A&E Editor and Asst. A&E Editor Music is calling! Manhattan College has awarded a new class of performing arts scholars.  Each year up to twelve incoming students who are interested in the performing arts are awarded a scholarship. This year, nine freshmen were selected, said Andy Bauer, director of performing arts. “We have some really great, talented freshmen coming … Continue reading Performing Arts Scholarship Recipients Are Ready To Make Music

Meet Sydney Waitt, Scatterbomb Stage Stealer

By Megan LaCreta, Arts & Entertainment Editor Sydney Waitt is Scatterbomb’s grandma. At least that’s how Waitt, a senior peace studies and political science double major, would describe the role she’s taken on in Manhattan College’s popular improv comedy group. “I wouldn’t give myself a role other than I’m like the grandma, but that’s self proclaimed. I didn’t have to be voted on or anything,” … Continue reading Meet Sydney Waitt, Scatterbomb Stage Stealer

Meet Scatterbomb Member Aidan Mackenzie

by Isaiah Rosario & Victor Franco, Staff Writers Sophomore Aidan Mackenzie is just beginning his long career of acting and doing improv on the big stage. Mackenzie joined Scatterbomb, the improv group, last year but due to COVID, he only had one show. Now that restrictions are finally being loosened on campus Aidan has been able to add another performance under his belt.  Mackenzie got the … Continue reading Meet Scatterbomb Member Aidan Mackenzie

Meet Luis Chavez, the Music Man

By, Jocelyn Visnov & Mack Olmsted, Asst. Production Editor & Staff Writer Originally from Lima, Peru, Luis Chavez is a man of many talents. Since coming to the United States in 2007, Luis has struck a chord with faces in every corner of the Bronx, spreading his love for the thinghe loves most: music. Chavez discovered his passion for making music long before finding his … Continue reading Meet Luis Chavez, the Music Man

Performer Profile: Meet Alexandre Ikama

by Shannon Gleba, Senior Writer Freshman Alexandre Ikama has been playing the clarinet since he was young, and plans to continue pursuing mu- sic here at Manhattan College in the orchestra and jazz band. Ikama began playing the clarinet during the fourth grade when he decided to take after his sister, who had been play- ing the clarinet before. “Well, you know, it was just … Continue reading Performer Profile: Meet Alexandre Ikama

Meet Sam Szabo: Whose Passion for Music Perseveres Through All

by Madalyn Johnson, Web Editor Sam Szabo is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in kinesiology. Over the years, Szabo has been heavily involved with the school’s jazz band. After joining in hopes of improving his skills with the drums, an instrument he’s played since he was 10 years old, Szabo ended up committing to playing jazz with a group of students who share the … Continue reading Meet Sam Szabo: Whose Passion for Music Perseveres Through All

Performer Profile: Samantha Santiago

by Lauren Raziano, Staff Writer  Samantha Santiago, a freshman from Yonkers, New York, is studying biology with a side passion for music. She loves to sing and has been doing it since she was young.  “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember,” Santiago said. “It has always been a way to express myself in a way that was fun. I’ve always loved it.” … Continue reading Performer Profile: Samantha Santiago

Performer Profile: Olivia Herrera

by, Brian Asare, Photography Editor Olivia Herrera, a freshman from Long Island on the pre-law track with hopes of minoring in musical theater, has loved singing ever since she was young. She’d sing to anyone and everyone that would listen. “A particular time in my life where my interests developed was with my first grade teacher,” Hererra said. “She would have the class learn music … Continue reading Performer Profile: Olivia Herrera

Performer Profile: Meriam Duncan

by, Jocelyn Visnov, Staff Writer When was the last time you saw a live performance? If you’re a musician, when was the last time you rehearsed in-person? With the safety precautions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it’s likely that the last time you were in a crowded room at all was in February or the months prior. Unfortunately, concerts and other … Continue reading Performer Profile: Meriam Duncan