• Dear Reader, I write you this week from the peak of Freytag’s Pyramid. My sophomore year is up, and so is the first semester of my term as Editor-in-Chief. So, in a lot of [...]

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That's a wrap on the Ninth Annual Quaddies! See all of the winners on our Twitter And that's a wrap, Jaspers! Our last issue of the 2016-2017 school year is on stands now. In it, you'll find a semester in review, farewells from our seniors, a feature on The Abbey Road Project, a recap of MC's first-ever fashion show, and much more. Thanks to everyone who contributed to The Quad this year! Shaggy ❤'s The Quad. Find our exclusive interview with him in this week's issue, on stands Tuesday night! After months of strenuous rehearsals, “Legally Blonde” by the @manhattan_players exceeded every expectation this weekend. Read more in our A&E section this week!

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