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Dear Manhattan College Community, We hope you all are safe and your health is well in this difficult time of your college careers. To our seniors, we send you support in this moment of uncertainty and disappointment. The tremendous work you have completed as students, athletes, and members of other clubs and activities, will not be defined by this moment; but by the growth you have experienced in yourselves and the growth the college community has experienced as a result of your work. We will continue our commitment to keeping the college community informed, and we will continue pursuing the highest quality journalism we can offer. Continue to regularly check our website for updated stories, as we will be posting online exclusively for the remainder of the semester. Our Editor-in-Chief, Gabriella DePinho, has written a letter to the community as a response to yesterday’s developments.
Dear Readers, I hope wherever you are that you are safe, staying healthy and taking care of yourselves. The news of the move to online classes and the request that students leave campus has impacted everyone in a variety of ways. This decision, though the right and cautious one, has especially impacted The Quadrangle. It is with some sadness that I inform you we will not be putting out a print issue on March 24 and that the fate of our March 31 issue is currently unknown. Our print product is so special to all of us and we will miss having that out in your hands. However, we are not shutting down for these next few weeks, we are simply adapting. We believe the people of this campus community need to be kept informed, that new stories are cropping up out of these circumstances and that we are your best option for staying up to date. We will continue to report and write about the issues the campus community faces and the amazing things people in our community continue to do. For the time being, The Quadrangle will be an online only publication. When the college decides to return to in-person classes and everything is up and running again, we will be in print again. For now, we will be advertising each new story on our social media accounts and we encourage you to check our website every few days to see updated content. It would be easier for us to stop operating all together, but we see this as an exciting challenge. It is a challenge for us to prove to you, our dear readers, our commitment to delivering the news to you in a timely fashion. It is a challenge for us to get creative in our reporting and storytelling. It is a challenge for us to rise and be the best we can be. Thank you for reading. Thank you for trusting us to deliver the stories of our community to you. We will not stop doing journalism. Sincerely, Gabriella DePinho, Editor-in-Chief
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Attention Jaspers! Looking for a Valentine’s Day date? The Quad’s got you covered! Pick up our latest issue (on stands now!), scan the QR code found on p. 3, and let our matchmakers do the work through the month of February! #VDay#thequadrangle
Issue 3 comes to a stand near you or accessible through the link in our bio tomorrow! For now, here’s a sneak peak of what the Quadrangle staff have been up to, and cover in Issue 3 #studentjournalism#wedojournalism

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