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Players performed Neil Simon’s “Rumors” in the black box this past weekend
📸: Sara Milano/The Quadrangle Adam Kohler, David Witzling, and Margaret Toth, professors of the English department, participated in Scatterbomb's annual English night last Friday to a packed room in Hayden. After the show, we spoke with them for this week's A&E section. Joseph Gallagher, class of ‘49, grew up in Riverdale and attended Manhattan College, where he was the sports editor for The Quadrangle. Read about his time here and his journey afterward in this week's paper. 📸: Manhattan College Archives Last week, Manhattan College garnered negative attention in the media as a result of noise complaints and reports of littering made by residents in the Riverdale community. Read the reactions to the WNBC news story in this week's paper. 📸: Taylor Brethauer/ The Quadrangle

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