On Campus Fashion-Finds

Senior Shows Off Eclectic Style

May 4, 2020

by, Lauren Schuster, Senior Writer Today’s stylish Jasper is senior student Megan Carmody. Carmody is originally from Rumford, Rhode Island and is majoring in adolescent education with a concentration in English.  The Quadrangle: How would you [...]

Sophomore Shows Off Professional Style

March 16, 2019

by LAUREN SCHUSTER, Social Media Editor Diane Yomkil is a sophomore from Washington, D.C. She is double majoring in communication and psychology. She sat down and shared her style with us. The Quadrangle: How would you describe your style? Diane [...]

Caroline Voigt: Queen of the Closet

October 13, 2018

by Katie Heneghan & C. Garrett Keidel, Staff Writer & Asst. Sports Editor Caroline Voigt is a freshman marketing major with an impressive resume and background in fashion and blogging. She doubles as a business student as well as a [...]