One of One Reworked Vintage

by Marissa Ross, Contributor

Luke Lampasona, a Manhattan College junior marketing major, started his own clothing line of one of a kind reworked vintage pieces that are “Inspired by the past, made for today.” His brand is called One of One Reworked Vintage and his designs live up to the name, all being handmade, one of a kind, and sustainably sourced.

Lampasona started his business a year ago, but began sewing and making clothes his senior year of high school.

“I started senior year of high school; I got my first ma- chine and then I really started making stuff freshman year of college and summer going into sophomore year,” Lampasona said.

Vintage 1970’s wool varsity jacket reworked with scraps of tablecloths and placemats. For this design, Lampasona took inspiration from 1993 Wizard of Oz movie posters. @ONE.OF.ONE.NEWYORK/ COURTESY

Within one year of opening, he has accomplished a lot, including a fashion show in Brooklyn Fashion Week 2020 with the Brooklyn Style Foundation. Lampasona commented on the experience.

“It was a good experience,” he said. “I learned a lot from it and I met a lot of cool people.”

Not only did he make connections at the event, but he also got the chance to style his pieces with outfits that compliment his designs for the show.

“It’s one of the more fun things I do, that’s like my fa- vorite part is doing the styling and stuff,” Lampasona said. “I wasn’t doing too much of that at the time so it was cool to step out and do that.”

As seen in the pictures, his sense of style definitely aligns with the brand as laid back and casual, but still fashion forward with the unique designs and imagery.

“I don’t really follow trends or anything, I just make what I think is cool,” Lampasona said.

This may be the key to having a successful brand – follow- ing personal inspiration instead of trends that are mainstream. His unique inspirations and vintage finds make his brand unlike many other businesses on the market.

When asked about his inspiration for his designs, Lampasona said that they mostly come from his own personal interest in old school iconography and media.

Lampasona (front) with models at Brooklyn Fashion week 2020.. @ONE.OF.ONE.NEWYORK/ COURTESY

“I get a lot of inspiration from old advertisements,” Lampasona said. “I like looking at old magazines and that kind of stuff. I get a lot of ideas from there and I also just love history so anything like old school I know about, I like to incorporate in somehow.”

With plenty of old school media to choose from, Lampasona picks the most captivating icons for his designs that bring an interesting twist to his vintage pieces. Not only do the vintage clothes themselves have a unique story, the designs Lampasona chooses compliment and tell another story as well.

Out of all the retro films and characters, Lampasona said his favorite design features imagery from “Tobor the Great,” a black and white film made in 1954.

“The one that’s really my favorite, I don’t know if I ever came out with it, it’s from this old movie called Tobor the Great and it’s like a robot character carrying a lady,” Lampasona said. That one’s always been my favorite, but I’m not sure if you could’ve bought that at anypoint. I don’t think I ever sold that one.”

Lampasona showcases his pieces on The One of One Instagram page, and website,

“I come out with new things every two days or so and I have two stores that I’m gonna be a part of too all this summer,” explained Lampasona.

These stores will be 433 Broadway and the Greenpoint Terminal Flea Market, so stop by and check out Lampasona’s one of a kind designs for yourself.