Back to School Fashion Finds

by Kelly Kennedy, Social Media Editor With classes back in session and students on campus, an outfit for class is no longer just the pajamas or sweatpants some have gotten used to wearing for online lectures. Being back in the classroom, students can now show off their personal style while getting back to a new normal.  Mars Ross ‘23, Communication How would you describe your sense … Continue reading Back to School Fashion Finds

One of One Reworked Vintage

by Marissa Ross, Contributor Luke Lampasona, a Manhattan College junior marketing major, started his own clothing line of one of a kind reworked vintage pieces that are “Inspired by the past, made for today.” His brand is called One of One Reworked Vintage and his designs live up to the name, all being handmade, one of a kind, and sustainably sourced. Lampasona started his business … Continue reading One of One Reworked Vintage

Crocs Invade Campus!

by Lauren Raziano, Staff Writer With the summer season around the corner, students are ready to rock their warmer footwear, including Crocs. Crocs are considered one of the world’s 10 largest non-athletic footwear brands, but some students like to live life on the risky side and opt for the “sports” mode, with the back strap down. Crocs can be paired with any outfit and other … Continue reading Crocs Invade Campus!

On Campus Fashion Finds: Spring 2021

by Lauren Raziano, Social Media Editor With warmer weather and the world coming back together, students are ready to show off their special styles on and off campus. Alana Quintero is a sophomore from Puerto Rico studying Childhood Education. Alana expresses her Puerto Rican style but has adapted it to the New York lifestyle by wearing her favorite Jordans with her hoops. The Quadrangle: How … Continue reading On Campus Fashion Finds: Spring 2021