Jasper Jams: My Vibe Right Now

By Zoe DeFazio, Asst. Arts and Entertainment editor Personally, I love fall. It’s my favorite month. I enjoy the leaves changing and the moderate temperature. But as much as fall can be beautiful, at some point the vibe just gets weird. It’s getting too cold, but not as cold as winter, and the last leaf hasn’t yet fallen. It’s too cold at night for no … Continue reading Jasper Jams: My Vibe Right Now

Jasper Jams: Midnights Mayhem with Megan

By Megan LaCreta, Arts and Entertainment Editor Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated album “Midnights” on Friday, Oct. 21. As a near life-long Swiftie and The Quadrangle’s Arts and Entertainment Editor, I felt that it was my civic duty to let you all know my every thought on this album. Well, the results are in, and I’m happy to report that “Midnights” is a Quadrangle-certified … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Midnights Mayhem with Megan

Jasper Jams: Empower Hour Playlist 

By Megan LaCreta and Jocelyn Visnov, Arts and Entertainment Editor & Production Editor/Web Editor With the colder weather on the way and the semester in full swing, it’s okay if you find yourself feeling a little down. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of songs by a few of the most empowering artists of today as a reminder that you can do anything.  Keep your … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Empower Hour Playlist 

Jasper Jams : The Music of My Childhood

By Adrianne Hutto, Production Editor Growing up I listened to a lot of artists which I had entirely forgotten about until about two years ago. Since then I have rediscovered about 10 hours worth of songs, all of which bring me joy just to listen to. From conversations I’ve had with my friends, other people also have this kind of relationship with music from their … Continue reading Jasper Jams : The Music of My Childhood

Jasper Jams: A Renaissance Emerging 

By,  Zoe DeFazio, Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor  Beyoncé is back and better than ever. After a long hiatus, the Beyhive has been blessed with a sixteen-track album titled “Renaissance,” which is a part of a three-act project.   The whole album pays homage to the Black men and women who paved the way for Black ballroom music by sampling classic favorites that bring nostalgia and … Continue reading Jasper Jams: A Renaissance Emerging 

Jasper Jams: Spring Sounds Like Sunshine!

By Angelica Niedermeyer, Staff Writer This is my first Jasper Jams, and I am so excited because sharing and receiving music recommendations is one of my favorite love languages. When MC’S radio station WRCM was up and running, junior Katie Martone and I had a show on Tuesday nights called “Soundtrack Sunshine.” Although I miss sharing music over the radio more than anything, this week’s … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Spring Sounds Like Sunshine!

Jasper Jams: Playlist to celebrate the blossoming of new beginnings (and flowers!)

by Karen Flores, Asst. Features Editor Happy April everyone! April is a month filled with celebrations, new beginnings and  growth all around us. As a person born in April, I embrace all that it brings (yes, even the spring rain). The rain that comes with spring correlates to the growth of nature. So in turn, all of the rainy days we have where we don’t … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Playlist to celebrate the blossoming of new beginnings (and flowers!)

Jasper Jams: Finals Week

by Brian Asare, Photography Editor As the semester draws to an end and finals week is around the corner, It’s inevitable that we start to look for various stress relievers to counter the anxiety this time period brings along. It was pretty cool getting to see all my friends’ Spotify Wrapped this year which showcased a lot of various artists and music genres, and it … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Finals Week

Jasper Jams: Thanksgiving Edition

by Katie Heneghan, Web Editor As students prepare to head home for the holidays to be with family and friends and enjoy all the fall goodness of Thanksgiving, I’ve prepared a fall break playlist sure to please all. It’s for that first reunion with the car you haven’t driven since summer, the long ride to grandma’s house, or if you’re like me, getting through the … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Thanksgiving Edition