Letter to The Editor from The Society of Friends of 517

April 11, 2022 We, The Society of Friends of 517, are the Performing Arts Students of Manhattan College. We are the workers that provide the vital elements to EVERY event in the Performing Arts; we are the thinkers and doers. We are the voice of Performing Arts. Our mission is to ensure that Lasallian Values and the School’s promises to all its students are being … Continue reading Letter to The Editor from The Society of Friends of 517

Letter from The Editor

Welcome back Jaspers! My name is Kyla Guilfoil and I will be your editor-in-chief this year. I am a sophomore political science and communications major concentrating in journalism and minoring in women and gender studies. I grew up in Rochester, NY, where I learned I actually really hate the cold. Nonetheless, I am an east coast girl at heart, moving only ever-so-slightly closer to the … Continue reading Letter from The Editor

Letter to the Editor: Quarantine Conditions

Dear Anna Woods,  I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this in hope to raise some awareness on some students who need the help of the entire school. I’ve been the VP of Finances for Student Government all of this time, but it’s become true now, more than ever, that the strength of the people will surpass the likes of individuals like … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: Quarantine Conditions

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, The Office of Graduate School & Fellowship Advisement and the President’s Office would like to invite all members of the Jasper community to attend our annual Public Service Forum on Nov. 4, which will be hosted on Google Meet. The annual forum seeks to invigorate student interest in public service — a sector that urgently needs young, passionate pioneers and volunteers to lead … Continue reading Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

LOIS HARR writes: Becoming a Lasallian over the past 19 plus years, I think I’ve grown to understand and believe what Br. John Johnston shared a few years before he died: ™Lasallians engaged in higher education are uniquely situated to help young people liberate themselves from all that holds them back from being the persons God wants them to be, to help them develop their … Continue reading Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

KATHLEEN VON EUW writes: To the Editor: Over the next two weeks between Monday, October 16th and Friday, October 27th, Manhattan College will be participating in the National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE), a web-based survey that measures an institution’s overall level of community engagement by evaluating the rate, frequency, and depth of student community service activities. This survey is a wonderful opportunity … Continue reading Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Timothy Hamling writes: From daily announcements to occasional promotions and spam, my inbox is constantly being filled with new emails. I don’t like keeping my school email cluttered, so I try to delete old unimportant emails as often as I can, or at the very least filter important messages into folders. However, one email I received last year from the Office of the President, dating … Continue reading Letters to the Editor