Best Deli Closing or Open for Business?

February 16, 2018

by ELIZABETH METSCH, Contributor Best Deli has been loved by generations of Jaspers and has become an integrated part of the Manhattan College culture and experience. With that said, there was rumor that Best Deli would be shut down by the Workers [...]

RA Hiring Process is Underway

February 15, 2018

A resident assistant (RA), is someone who is looking out for students during the period of time they live on campus. These undergraduate students create a fun but safe atmosphere for residents. According to the Manhattan College website, “RAs are [...]

Student Government Assembly Meeting

February 14, 2018

Student government held an assembly meeting in Kelly Commons room 5A this past Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 12 p.m. Assembly meetings are open to all members of the Manhattan College student body. After Micaela Bishop, student body president, called the [...]

The Passing of Brother Thomas Scanlan

February 13, 2018

Brother Thomas J. Scanlan, F.S.C., the former president of Manhattan College from the years 1987 to 2009, passed away on Sunday, Feb. 4, at the age of 72. Br. Thomas was the 18th president of the college and had a long list of accomplishments during [...]

Horan Elevators to be Replaced

February 8, 2018

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Editor Beginning last semester, rumors have been circulating all throughout campus in regards to the replacement of the elevators on campus. While it seems as if almost all of the elevators have some sort of issue, students [...]