New Year, New Laws for NYC

February 20, 2019

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Senior Writer Change comes in many forms. For some, the new year seems to be the most inspiring and popular time to kick old habits and replace them with new ones. One’s list of new year’s resolutions could go on for [...]

Meet Public Safety’s New Director

February 19, 2019

by CATHY GOODYEAR, Senior Writer After a long and thorough search, Manhattan College has chosen a new Director of Public Safety. Peter DeCaro will be Manhattan College’s next Director of Public Safety, replacing Juan Cerezo, who is retiring after [...]

The Dish on Locke’s Dishwashing Woes

February 13, 2019

by STEPHEN ZUBRYCKY, Senior Writer Reusable dishes and utensils returned to Locke’s Loft last week after weeks of disposable plastic. The switch occurred due to an equipment malfunction with the Locke’s dishwashing system. “The College uses [...]

Halal and Kosher Options on Campus

February 8, 2019

by AUGUST KISSEL, Web Editor Manhattan College is a private Lasallian Catholic Institution and as follows, a majority of its students identify as Christian. To accomodate all of its students the college provides worship options for as many of its [...]