Quad Staff Q&A

Voices from The Quad: Meet Madalyn Johnson

March 6, 2020

by Jessica McKenzie, Asst. Features Editor Madalyn Johnson, one of the two web editors of The Quadrangle, is a dedicated member of The Quad. As a current sophomore, Johnson often writes two to three articles a week. She is a communication major [...]

Anytime You NEDA Hand: Meet Meg Dreher

January 26, 2019

Voices from the Quad by Rose Brennan, A&E Editor After serving the Features section of The Quadrangle for two years, junior Megan Dreher has taken the reins as the paper’s Editor-in-Chief for the year 2019. Dreher first became involved with [...]

Meet Photography Editor Anja Pollozi

April 15, 2018

Why did you decide to join The Quadrangle? I have been part of the Quadrangle since Freshman year. In every meeting I would learn something new about Manhattan College, its students, and faculty, which motivated me to be part of an organization that [...]

Quad Staff Q&A: First-Year Staff Members

March 21, 2018

Alexa Schmidt Assistant A&E Editor How do you like writing for The Quad so far? I love writing for The Quad. In the beginning, I was more than a little nervous to put myself out there and have everyone read my writing, but now I’m definitely [...]

Quick Q&A with the Quad Staff

February 3, 2016

Name: Lindsey Burns Year: Junior Position: Arts and Entertainment Editor Whats your favorite thing about the quad? My favorite thing about the Quad is the group of people we get to work with. I have made a lot of friends through the Quad and going [...]

Quick Q&A with the Quad Staff

January 29, 2016

Name: Ally Hutzler Year: Sophomore Position: Editor-In-Chief Q. When did you start with the quad? A.  I started with The Quadrangle as soon as I came to Manhattan College. I had an article in the very first issue of that fall semester, it was about [...]