Voices from The Quad: Meet Madalyn Johnson

by Jessica McKenzie, Asst. Features Editor

Madalyn Johnson, one of the two web editors of The Quadrangle, is a dedicated member of The Quad. As a current sophomore, Johnson often writes two to three articles a week. She is a communication major with a concentration in integrated marketing communications. She is also working toward a minor in digital arts and humanities.

The Quadrangle: Where are you from?

Madalyn Johnson: I’m from Marlboro, N.J. It’s a town in Monmouth County, which I very much love because we have close access to the beaches and it’s a small town and overall everyone is very nice.

TQ: Why did you choose your major?

006_28November19 Madalyn & Lane Thanksgiving 2019
Madalyn Johnson is a sophomore communication major who has been writing for The Quadrangle since her freshman year.

MJ: Prior, I was set up to do public relations, which I thought I wouldn’t like at first because I wanted  media production but I found what public relations is: it’s a certain type of storytelling. I like how [professors] teach us how to write and persuade an audience to buy products and get into whatever message they want to try to send that is positive, so I like that. When I [switched to] integrated marketing communications I thought it could help me get a look into the field of public relations knowing how to conduct surveys and focus groups and learn more about people and why they buy certain things and like certain products. I find that very interesting.

TQ: How did you become a member of The Quad?

MJ: I started my freshman year fall semester, I was a quad scholar. I started as a staff writer and then Assistant Entertainment Editor and now currently Web Editor.

TQ: What has been your favorite thing about being on The Quad?

MJ: There’s so many things I’ve learned from The Quad. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get much learning experience out of it. I didn’t expect it to be much of a commitment. I’m actually very thankful it’s a big commitment, because it’s teaching me how to have time management skills between school work and working for The Quad. The Quad is something I truly like to do and I felt like that passion for writing has grown stronger since I joined. I like being able to talk to different types of people that have different backgrounds. I’ve written different stories like [last week I did a story on] Sister Norma. It was really interesting to hear what she had to say and being able to talk to the President of the school. I’ve talked to authors, I’ve gone to news events. I think [The Quad] teaches you how to write really fast in order for the people to have the news they deserve. [I’ve also learned] how to talk to other people that have shared experiences that are very different from mine.

TQ: Describe your involvement around campus other than the quad.

MJ: To be honest, The Quad is the main part of my involvement here. It does take up a lot of time and I also want to ensure the work I’m putting into The Quad is good quality. I’ve lately tried to get into PRSSA, which is the student association for public relations practitioners. I did get involved in TV club my freshman year, which is back when I thought media production would be something I enjoyed but I found I much preferred writing and PR activities like PRSSA and The Quad.

TQ: What is one thing you love about Manhattan College?

MJ: When choosing Manhattan College, my other choices were schools that were very different, big state schools like Syracuse and Penn State. What made me choose Manhattan College was one of its biggest perks—being close to New York City. I’ve always had a dream of working in New York City and being someone that lives in Jersey, I would go but not as many times as I wished. Now I never get tired of going every single weekend, I love it and I love the atmosphere. I love how busy it is. I also like Riverdale itself. I like the Bronx neighborhood because it gives the essence of the city but suburbia as well and it’s a beautiful town in general to the houses and the community, the cafes that are nearby I love. And also I love the fact it’s a Catholic school because it’s very similar to the environment I was adjusted to back in high school. I love that we get to have mass here and we have the [chapel] which is really pretty.

TQ: What is one thing you would change about MC if you could?

MJ: I do at times do wish the community was a little bigger. But at the same time, like getting to know the community in general. The communication community as well, such as WRCM, The Quadrangle, Scatterbomb and Players. You know, we all come together and we’re all really creative people, I like that. Another thing I would change is I kind of wish the school had more programs to invite more students.

TQ: What would you tell incoming freshmen if you could?

MJ: I would tell them that coming to college is very scary at first, it’s very cliche to say that, but it is very scary at first to try to meet new people. But it’s not really necessary to get involved in many clubs and activities as possible, but just kind of, you know, introduce yourself to other people. I would say to attend the RA events. A lot of people think they’re not necessary to attend but they really introduce you to a lot of great people. When I first opened up in the school everyone was extremely nice. There wasn’t one person that kind of pushed me aside, so don’t be discouraged to join events that the RAs hold. Also, come to The Quadrangle meetings. We’re a club that is very inclusive and will welcome a lot of people despite their writing background.