Falling for Autumn Fashion Finds

By Mary Haley, Staff Writer

With the beginning of a new semester and the days getting colder and shorter, styles at Manhattan College are shifting to embrace this change. Whether it is baggy pants to the chemistry lab or oversized sweaters to go thrifting in NoHo, Eliz Ohanian, Savannah Connelly and Nathan Noble weigh in on what they are excited to see this season. 

Eliz Ohanian ‘26, Mechanical Engineering Major

What new fall trends do you like?

“I’m a big fan of the skirt, tights, and sweater combos. I like when people wear long dresses with sneakers, I think that’s cool.”

Do you have any fall clothing essentials?

“Yeah, I have my grandpa’s sweater, I have a bunch of them I brought with me. They have these massive sleeves, they probably go past my hands, I love them. Also probably painter pants.”

How do you like to dress for class? 

“I think it depends on the class, because in chem lab we have to wear pants. It also depends on what time it is, but I do like wearing big sweaters to class. I went to private school for four years with a uniform, so I’m like, ‘I don’t know how to dress anymore, what am I supposed to be doing here?’ I just wear what’s comfortable.”

Who or what is your style inspiration?

“Probably Enya Umanzor, she’s so cool. And Coy, their handle is @myspacemama on TikTok, they have such cool outfits. I guess you could call it grunge or y2k, it’s kind of the same thing as what Enya does with all of the layered necklaces, it’s really sick.”

Savannah Connelly ‘26, Mechanical Engineering Major

What is your favorite fall trend?

“I like it when people wear sweaters or crewneck sweatshirts with a polo underneath. I like sundresses, and when people will put a top underneath, and then tuck a sweater underneath it so that it kind of looks like a skirt.”

What are your favorite seasonal transition pieces for when the weather starts to cool down?

“I like pairing tank tops with cardigans. I’m a cardigan girl, through and through.”

Who or what is your style inspiration?

“I just looked her up, Lex Hidalgo. I love her converse collection on TikTok. Her outfits are always just so cool to me.” 

Where are your favorite places to shop for fall pieces?

“I just went to Plato’s Closet, I am also from New Jersey so they’re literally everywhere. I also like American Eagle and Aerie, Hollister sometimes. I do like to shop at thrift stores, they are fun.”

Nathan Noble ‘26, Finance Major

Where are your favorite places in the city to shop for fall pieces?

“I would honestly say vintage stores or thrift stores are the best place in my opinion. There’s a chain called MyUnique which is really good. It’s a pretty good bang for your buck. And then there’s other places like Metropolis Vintage or 2nd Street.”

Who or what is your style inspiration?

“I would say my style inspiration mainly comes from skateboarding culture. Also probably just my music taste I would say reflects a lot in my fashion.”

When creating an outfit, what do you think is the most critical part?

“The proportions in my opinion are the most important part. I think that if you nail the proportions that fit your body type you can really pull off any outfit.”