The 2019 Quadrangle Masthead

Megan Dreher



An avid doodler and lover of a good Locke’s omelette, Megan has had so much fun spending her time writing for the Quad at Manhattan College. Originally from Prospect, Conn., she loves all things NYC. She is a junior double majoring in Philosophy and Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting. In addition to writing for the Quad, Megan is a Jasper Dancer, and loves being around her teammates and friends. In her free time, you can find Megan listening to the La La Land soundtrack, watching a Chris D’Elia comedy special, or with time permitting, napping.

Gabriella DePinho

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 1.44.52 PM.png

News Editor

A sophomore majoring in English and Communication, Gabriella is from New City, New York, a town with a name equivalent to Document 1, but much prefers being in New York City. She originally did not expect to love writing for The Quad as much as she does but now she is obsessed with it; everyone she knows probably wishes she would talk about The Quad less often. When she is not writing articles, she can be found writing poems/facing writer’s block, looking for new music and taking undeserved breaks. She plans to graduate in 2021 and eventually own a house with lots of blankets and cats; she currently has no other distinct plans for her future.

Joseph Liggio

Joseph Liggio.jpg

Assistant News Editor

Joe is a junior from Suffern, N.Y., currently majoring in communications at Manhattan. He was featured on the front page of the Quadrangle for finding a bug in his salad earlier this year before joining the team as a staff writer, and eventually taking a position as co-assistant news editor. Joe’s first newspaper credit came when his college application essay was published by the New York Times last May. When he’s not at Locke’s, he can usually be found playing guitar, procrastinating in the library around two in the morning, or aimlessly wandering around Lower Manhattan.


Maria Thomas


Assistant News Editor

Alexa Schmidt

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Features Editor and Managing Editor

Originally from a small town in northern New Jersey, Alexa is a sophomore double majoring in communications and art history. She is always on the search for the next best book, food cart, and picture of her dog. When she’s not writing articles for the Quad, she can be found working in the admissions office, volunteering, practicing photography, and running. She daydreams about the Canyonlands in Utah and the beaches in Cape Cod, but stays grounded through her adventures in NYC.

Katherine Heneghan

Assistant Features Editor

Rose Brennan

Arts & Entertainment Editor and Managing Editor 

A notorious bookworm and floral print enthusiast (true to her name), Rose is beyond thrilled to be managing the paper and standing at the helm of the A&E section once again.  Originally from southern Connecticut, she is a junior pursuing a double major in English and communication with a concentration in journalism.  Rose devotes an unhealthy amount of time to The Quad, but when she’s not working on it in some capacity, she can be found working at the college’s writing center, sending memes to her friends when she should be studying, or watching any one of John Mulaney’s three Netflix specials.  Her other notable credits include her atrocious sense of direction and her infinite arsenal of self deprecating jokes.  Her ultimate career goal is to be a headline writer for The New York Post.

Madelyn Johnson

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

C. Garrett Keidel

Sports Editor

Pete Janny

Assistant Sports Editor

Brian Asare

 Photography Editor

Brian is a freshman majoring in computer information systems.  He originally grew up in Ghana and moved to the United States when he was 16.  He developed a love for photography when he was searching for an outlet for his creative style and has never looked back since.  Overall, he is a hardworking boy that puts all of his time and energy into expanding his craft.

Alyssa Velazquez

Alyssa Velazquez.jpg

Production Manager

A Bronxite at heart, Alyssa is a junior at Manhattan College studying Secondary Education with her focus on English. Eager to learn new things and explore what else life has to bring, she is looking forward to contributing to The Quadrangle by being Production Editor. In her free time, one could find Alyssa glued to her laptop watching YouTube videos, working on graphic designs or trying to figure out what she should do in her free time.

Samantha Walla

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Production Editor

Samantha is sophomore communication major from Middletown, N.J. Her writing interests include performing arts and multicultural activities. In her spare time, Sam likes to roller-skate and eat McDonald’s. Sam is passionate about graphic design and intends to pursue a career in the magazine industry.

Sophia Sakellariou

Production Editor

Born in Manhattan and raised in upstate Orange County, N.Y., Sophia couldn’t wait to return to the Big Apple to pursue her journalistic endeavors.  She is a sophomore majoring in communication with a dual concentration in journalism and media production and minoring in political science.  In addition to writing for The Quad, Sophia also serves as Health and Social Chair for the sorority Sigma Delta Tau and is secretary of the Government and Politics Club, while working in the college’s Communication Department Office.  In her free time, Sophia can be found stuck in the past listening to classic rock and watching old mafia movies on repeat, exploring the city for the latest fitness class craze, burying her nose in a book, professing her love for Peaky Blinder and all things British, and explaining to people how to pronounce her last name (the “u” is silent).

Nicole Rodriguez

Assistant Production Editor

Lauren Schuster

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 3.48.30 PM

Social Media Editor

Lauren is a junior majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism and minoring in English and women and gender studies. In her free time, Lauren can be found exploring New York City, making memes, and watching The Office (the claim to fame of her hometown of Scranton, Pa.) on Netflix for the hundredth time. Lauren loves writing in all of its forms and looks forward to any and all adventures that being a part of The Quadrangle will continue to bring.

Abby Crowell

Distribution Manager

Abby is an animal enthusiast, ocean aficionado, and Bostonian, from the small beach town of Scituate, Mass. She is currently majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism, and a minor in music. Abby also holds the position of lifestyle & opinion editor for Manhattan College’s Lotus Magazine. You can find Abby watching ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, reading F. Scott Fitzgerald, or listening to the newest albums of mostly hip-hop and alternative! Abby is very excited to be the Quadrangle’s distribution manager. Find her at Starbucks or her work study in the communications office!

Michevi Dufflart

Web Editor

A lover of long car rides and scarves, Michevi is a Bronx native majoring in Civil Engineering. Her big break came when Wafels & Dinges first visited campus and The Quadrangle was in need of a waffle photo with a scrumptious chocolate drizzle. Since then, Michevi has found a love for the interview process and writing stories. When not studying in the library, Michevi can be found working in Draddy Gym, making magnets, or hanging out with friends.

August Kissel


Web Editor

An aspiring yogi and sloth enthusiast from Jamesville N.Y., August is currently a junior majoring in international studies. She is one of the Web Editors for the Quadrangle and hopes to bring more of an online presence to the paper. Always on the hunt for a new adventure Manhattan College and New York City are perfect for her and her endeavors. When she isn’t writing for the Quad she can be found working in the Social Action Suite, hunting for the perfect coffee shop, or planning her next trip abroad.

Nicholas Gilewicz

Faculty Advisor