Meet Scatterbomb Member Aidan Mackenzie

by Isaiah Rosario & Victor Franco, Staff Writers

Sophomore Aidan Mackenzie is just beginning his long career of acting and doing improv on the big stage. Mackenzie joined Scatterbomb, the improv group, last year but due to COVID, he only had one show. Now that restrictions are finally being loosened on campus Aidan has been able to add another performance under his belt. 

Mackenzie got the opportunity to demonstrate his talent in a recent performance during Halloweekend. For those not aware of Scatterbomb, it is “the tradition of Upright Citizens Brigade, Scatterbomb members make Jaspers laugh with their quick-witted comedy. This improv comedy troupe performs shows on campus several times a semester and has also performed in professional settings around New York City including the New York Comedy Festival” according to

Mackenzie spoke to The Quadrangle about how he joined Scatterbomb. 

“My friend, he’s a comedian. His name’s Cooper, he is in Scatterbomb too and he saw the sign on the wall. He was like, ‘You want to be an actor, so you should try this’ and, I was like, ‘I’ll do that’.” 

Mackenzie tries to motivate as many students as possible to join Scatterbomb, and possibly find a passion they never knew 

Due to Mackenzie’s unfamiliarity with the club, he got the opportunity to observe and learn from the upperclassmen. When first joining the club Mackenzie was surprised by the talent that students had, specifically Aedan Roney, who took Mackenzie under his wing. Roney helped Mackenzie get into the club and both became friends while also working together. 

Students often hear stories about how certain clubs or individuals have impacted them in a way that was once never imaginable. Clubs on campus have helped people find their passions over things they love to do and for this case Mackenzie found a new passion for improv. 

Mackenzie describes that the club has had a huge impact in and outside of campus.

“Oh, definitely [my life has changed since being in Scatterbomb]. I met a lot of people last year. The members introduced me to a lot of different people. I know some of those people to this day and I see them out,” Mackenzie says. 

Mackenzie spoke to the Quadrangle about how Scatterbomb has changed his perspective on what he enjoys. The club has allowed him to grow and see what other interests he has. 

“It’s definitely helped me come out of my shell a little bit because I played lacrosse. I didn’t do any theatrical stuff and it definitely helped out with that for sure,” Mackenzie said. 

Each club offers different things and makes itself unique to other clubs. Mackenzie helped prelude to that by saying “The energy, like the atmosphere, you can’t really have a club where you can show up in any way you want. You know you could do whatever you want. It’s very lenient. It’s not super strict. It [Scatterbomb] is meant for fun … It’s very loose, and it’s just fun. It’s all about fun.”

Mackenzie tries to motivate as many students as possible to join Scatterbomb, and possibly find a passion they never knew existed. Scatterbomb offered Mackenzie a comfort place on campus. Mackenzie had one final message to give to people who were still on the fence about joining Scatterbomb. 

“Definitely give it a shot,” he said. “If you don’t like it you could always stop doing it. Just give it a shot. Why not? You never know if you’re going to be good or not. I had no idea what to expect from it. And you know, I enjoy it a lot. I have a lot of fun!”