Performing Arts Clubs Shine their Light on Talented Students at MC

MC Scatterbomb table with treats. KAREN FLORES/THE QUADRANGLE By Karen Flores, Arts and Entertainment Editor The Performing Arts room in Thomas Hall 515 was filled with tables displaying colorful posters representing the various musical groups on campus for their annual performing arts club fair.  Songs from the album Abbey Road by the Beatles played in the background as club representatives shared their experiences and memories … Continue reading Performing Arts Clubs Shine their Light on Talented Students at MC

Jaspers Come Together To Celebrate Performing Arts Room Renovation

By Megan LaCreta, Arts and Entertainment Editor Music will ring from Thomas Hall once again, thanks to the determination of the Manhattan College community. On Saturday Oct. 15, the Manhattan College community gathered together to celebrate the official reopening of Thomas 517. Throughout the first few weeks of the semester, the performing arts room underwent renovations as the result of a passionate campaign from students … Continue reading Jaspers Come Together To Celebrate Performing Arts Room Renovation

Saint Russo Rocks the Stage

By Mack Olmsted, Asst. Production Editor They rock, they roll, they are Saint Russo. Saint Russo is a band made up of five Manhattan College students, started by MC seniors lead guitarist Joseph Bruno and drummer Stamatis Gaglias. The idea of the band began back in Bruno’s and Gaglias’ sophomore year. They always talked about starting a band, but it wasn’t until their last semester … Continue reading Saint Russo Rocks the Stage

Music Ministry Brings the Melody to Mass

By Megan LaCreta, Arts & Entertainment Editor If you’ve ever heard the ethereal sounds of an ensemble performance drifting through campus on a Sunday night, you’re likely acquainted with the Manhattan College Music Ministry. Music Ministry is a contemporary ensemble of vocalists and instrumentalists. The group meets once a week to prepare for the 7:30 p.m Sunday mass, where they perform. Historically, music has always … Continue reading Music Ministry Brings the Melody to Mass

Meet Scatterbomb Member Aidan Mackenzie

by Isaiah Rosario & Victor Franco, Staff Writers Sophomore Aidan Mackenzie is just beginning his long career of acting and doing improv on the big stage. Mackenzie joined Scatterbomb, the improv group, last year but due to COVID, he only had one show. Now that restrictions are finally being loosened on campus Aidan has been able to add another performance under his belt.  Mackenzie got the … Continue reading Meet Scatterbomb Member Aidan Mackenzie

NYC Will Sing and Dance Again

by Colleen McNamara, Asst. Sports Editor New York City is known for bright lights, live entertainment, and unforgettable performances. This is all the more reason for the NYC community to look forward to in-person theatre, which might be coming soon. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is hopeful that New York City theatre will begin opening its doors to live performances with restrictions in place. The … Continue reading NYC Will Sing and Dance Again

Miguel Luciano: An Artist

by Alexa Schmidt, Senior Writer To wrap up this year’s Peace and Justice Week, the Art History and Digital Media Art department sponsored a lecture from Miguel Luciano, an Artist in Residence in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Civic Practice Partnership Residency program.  Typically, public art and art institutions have played a critical role in highlighting past and current injustices, as well as our understanding … Continue reading Miguel Luciano: An Artist

Meet Sam Szabo: Whose Passion for Music Perseveres Through All

by Madalyn Johnson, Web Editor Sam Szabo is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in kinesiology. Over the years, Szabo has been heavily involved with the school’s jazz band. After joining in hopes of improving his skills with the drums, an instrument he’s played since he was 10 years old, Szabo ended up committing to playing jazz with a group of students who share the … Continue reading Meet Sam Szabo: Whose Passion for Music Perseveres Through All

Performer Profile: Samantha Santiago

by Lauren Raziano, Staff Writer  Samantha Santiago, a freshman from Yonkers, New York, is studying biology with a side passion for music. She loves to sing and has been doing it since she was young.  “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember,” Santiago said. “It has always been a way to express myself in a way that was fun. I’ve always loved it.” … Continue reading Performer Profile: Samantha Santiago