Performing Arts Clubs Shine their Light on Talented Students at MC

MC Scatterbomb table with treats. KAREN FLORES/THE QUADRANGLE

By Karen Flores, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Performing Arts room in Thomas Hall 515 was filled with tables displaying colorful posters representing the various musical groups on campus for their annual performing arts club fair. 

Songs from the album Abbey Road by the Beatles played in the background as club representatives shared their experiences and memories with students hoping to join their clubs. 

MC Manhattones with their poster and pictures up.

Landen Scofield, a junior education major, is the president of the MC Manhattones, an acapella group. He expressed that this club fair allows for a closer look into each of the performing arts groups without the commotion that the regular MC club fair may bring. 

“At the regular club fair, there is a lot going on and we have a small little strip for all performing arts. It’s too overwhelming sometimes for people to get their questions answered with all the stuff going on,” explained Scofield. “Having our own separate place gives us the chance to have more one-on-one conversations with the students and just let them really know what performing arts is all about from our experiences.”

Grace Coutu, a freshman childhood education major with a concentration in English expressed interest in joining a variety of the performing arts clubs within the fair and was glad she got a chance to talk to the members again. 

“I’m interested in joining the MC singers and players and this club fair let me ask them more specific questions that I didn’t have the chance to ask at the regular club fair,” said Coutu. “I’ve been in chorus since kindergarten and began doing school musicals and plays in high school so I’m excited to continue to do this at MC and connect with people who share the same interests.”

Mary Kate Palmisano, a freshman communication major with a concentration in production media, shared that her favorite thing about the performing arts club fair was being able to talk to members. 

“I’m more excited about joining and playing my flute because I was able to connect with more people one-on-one at this club fair,” said Palmisano. 

Grace Dillon, a junior digital media arts major, is the vice president of the MC orchestra. She is also a student-athlete and she expressed that her involvement in this performing arts club has allowed her an outlet outside of school and has given her the chance to meet new people. 

“It’s really just a great part of the day after a stressful week. It’s the decompressing part. You get to hang out and meet so many new friends older than you, younger than you,” shared Dillon. “It has also taught me time management and it’s something that has helped me in college a lot.”

Sam Schwan, a freshman engineering major, shared a similar sentiment and shared that being involved in the performing arts is something that gives her a chance to have a creative outlet. 

“I love math and other academic topics, but you definitely need a creative outlet and little fun things you can do outside of school work,” said Palmisano. “I’m really looking forward to just playing trumpet in the MC pep band and meeting new people.” 

Andrew Bauer, director of performing arts and adjunct professor, hopes that the performing arts clubs can offer a space for students to express their creativity and grow their talents. 

“My goal is for everybody who’s in the performing arts to have this as an enduring memory of their college experience,” said Bauer. “So 20 years from now, when they look back, they will remember their time and performing and saying, Wow, that was really great. And college provides us with a really great creative experience to grow.”

MC Pep Band showcasing their pictures.