MC-TV is Back for Another Successful Year

Manhattan College TV behind the scenes. @MANHATTANCOLLEGETV/INSTAGRAM

By Isaiah Rosario, Sports Editor

Manhattan College TV, best known on campus as MC-TV, is back for another year and they have great things planned for the upcoming future. 

The new executive board consists of president Kerry Sullivan, vice president Nicole Hormann, field and post supervisor TJ Perez, studio supervisor Brylee Watkins and social media manager Billy Walker. 

Sullivan’s main goal in her term as president is to make sure that MC-TV is well known across campus, not just for people in the communication department. 

“I really want to make MC-TV a much more well-known club on campus because I feel you only really know about it if you’re in the [communication] department or you’ve just happened to run into us at the club fair,” Sullivan said. “There are a lot of people who have interests in television and film who aren’t communication majors, [but it can be hard] because you can’t use the equipment unless you’re either a sports media production concentration or media production concentration.” 

Another one of Sullivan’s goals is to bring MC-TV back to live television on campus like in past years.

“I’d really like to be able to get us back onto live streaming,” Sullivan said. “I know we used to do that way back when the club started and that’d be really cool to start that up again or at least get that in the works so that maybe next year that could start up again because I think that we have a TV studio and a TV club but we don’t have a TV station.” 

Sullivan continues to look forward to working with other clubs on campus like the Women and Gender Research Center and MC Players but is open to having other clubs join suit. 

“I think that it’d be really cool for students to be able to say like, ‘Oh, I am on live TV with other students run by students for students,’” said Sullivan. 

While MC-TV is continuing to work with clubs on campus, they also have new projects on the horizon. 

“​​We have a lot of projects that are in the works, we’re filming podcasts, we’re doing other field films and projects,” Watkins said. “There are multiple opportunities for students to get their hands on various and different film opportunities. It also translates outside of just our small studio, we do work with professional cameras, so giving students the experience on this small scale gives them the opportunity to say ‘Hey, I have this experience for a larger production’.”

If new members would like to join the club, all of the e-board members have taken the introduction classes to work in the studio, and are more than willing to help and pass that knowledge along to new students.

As students come into a studio that has expensive equipment, it is important that the studio remains regulated and is safety-approved. At this moment, the railing in the studio for the stairs leading to the studio floor needs to be replaced and will be replaced in the coming week. Once the installation of the rail is done, the studio will be open for use. 

The club is aiming to create a studio that prioritizes the safety of the students in the studio. 

“Something we’ve talked with [Michael] Grabowski about is we’re still really trying to make the studio ADA compliant,” Watkins said. [We are trying to get] the wheelchair lift put in. Last year we had the ramp built, unfortunately that was taken out. So we are really trying to push for that [ADA] compliance to be in the studio.”

Faculty Advisor Michael Grabowski emailed The Quadrangle to discuss his excitement and love for MC-TV. 

“What I love about MCTV is that any Manhattan College student, regardless of their major, can gain experience in the studio and working in the field and editing from the moment they step foot on campus,” Grabowski wrote. 

Despite being the faculty advisor, Grabowski reiterated that this club is a highly-led student organization where students are in control. 

“As the faculty advisor of this club, I strongly believe shows should be student-led and student-produced, as they are the best people to understand what students want to see and talk about,” Grabowski wrote. “I am happy to serve as a resource for training, arranging for equipment and facilities, and removing any barriers so that students can make what they want. These facilities belong to the students, and I want to make sure they are able to use them as much as they can. I am always amazed at what students can produce, and I look forward to seeing what MCTV makes this year!”