What’s Up With Thrush?

By Anna Segota, Staff Writer

While several bands and performers call Manhattan College home, this week The Quadrangle caught up with Thrush, who are about to take their show on the road. 

The band has several upcoming performances in upstate New York, and they sat down with the Quadrangle to chat about performing live, art, new music and more. 

Thrush is a self described “punk-grunge” group who has been making music for the past few years. They have cited inspiration from the likes of Nirvana, The Garden and Nine Inch Nails. Three of the four members, Micheal Kurtis, Peter Johannes and Jack Schiller, met while attending Manhattan College, and have been friends ever since. 

Schiller discussed the band’s origins. 

“Me and Mike lived next to each other in Jasper, and we both played music,” Schiller said. “We had some other friends that were musicians and then we kind of started to form our own sort of band making music together. Then Mike met Peter.” 

Thrush started playing to student audiences at Manhattan College before getting their first professional gig at the bar Gold Sounds later performing at other NYC venues. After achieving success at the local level, the group had two shows this past weekend in upstate New York, with one in Ithaca alongside fellow performers “Shop Talk,” and another near Bard College at “Smog.”

The performance near Bard College is particularly special for Thrush, as they 

have a special history with the area. The group has made several trips up to visit friends, and have developed a practice of visiting the same shops and diners while up there. Because of this connection, Thrush has been waiting and hoping to play at Smog for some time now.

“I’ve been up there several times before with Chris, our Drummer,” Kurtis said. “I was just there to see his old band play, it was just an immaculate time. We had a lot of fun and, you know, made a lot of memories. And it just became kind of like this. Like ritualistic, kind of tradition laden thing where it’s like we go there and it’s really exciting.” 

Thrush is unconventional in their approach to making music, favoring a dedication to their craft, taking the time to ensure they are putting out songs that meet their standards, regardless of how long it may take to produce. 

The band also takes time to make sure their personalities come through in all of the art they make. The bandmates noted the comradery amongst the group, indicating several references to inside jokes and gags that can be found throughout the group’s discography and social media. 

The band normally advertises their upcoming performances and projects 

through Instagram, often accompanied by original artwork. Thrush also has a memorable logo, featuring what they called “the hat bird.”

Johannesburg spoke on the importance of the group’s visuals,

 “The band has really cool art,” Johannesburg said. “I feel like it’s really unique, you see it and you’re like, yeah that’s Thrush.”

While there is no confirmed release date yet, Thrush is currently working on an upcoming album titled “Kevin.” They will be performing some of the songs from the album this weekend including “Nothing Stops” and “Unreasonable Doubt.” The band also is playing a show just outside of Boston on November 4th.