Meet Sydney Waitt, Scatterbomb Stage Stealer

By Megan LaCreta, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sydney Waitt is Scatterbomb’s grandma.

At least that’s how Waitt, a senior peace studies and political science double major, would describe the role she’s taken on in Manhattan College’s popular improv comedy group.

“I wouldn’t give myself a role other than I’m like the grandma, but that’s self proclaimed. I didn’t have to be voted on or anything,” Waitt said. 

Waitt is the longest-running member of Scatterbomb, and first joined the group in her freshman year. She had taken an improv class in high school and enjoyed the experience, but didn’t start performing until college, a similarity she happens to share with one of her comedy inspirations.

“I’m a big fan of Amy Poehler as a person, but also of her work on SNL, and I learned that she didn’t even get into comedy until she started doing improv in college, and she’s never done anything before and that’s where she got her start,” said Waitt. “So I think that’s kind of funny, and I think that’s kind of a cool similarity between us.”

Over her years in Scatterbomb, Waitt has developed a keen sense of comedy. She explained that when a scene hits a plateau, it’s important to start a new one to keep energy high. The energy of the group is also how Waitt knows a show is about to be a great one.

“You can usually tell it’s going to be a good show because everyone is kind of excited and jittery,” said Waitt. “Almost like a bit of nervous energy, but it’s excited nervous energy.”

Scatterbomb is known for its high-energy shows, and outrageously funny scenes. Waitt recalled one of her favorite memories from her four years in the group.

“One of my very first shows, I distinctly remember that there was a scene where Meredith Taylor, who was an alumni of Scatterbomb, I think for four straight scenes played a dog, and was on her hands and knees and barking and panting for half the show … I literally had to leave the show and go to the bathroom, I was laughing so hard,” said Waitt.

Waitt is looking forward to her last semester in Scatterbomb. The group’s first show is scheduled for Friday, February 4th. They also plan to bring back “Scatter-prom,” a show with costumes and free T-shirts for the audience that has been put on hold due to the pandemic for the past two years.

As far as life beyond graduation goes, Waitt doesn’t have any hard plans to continue with comedy, and is focusing on her grad school applications. Waitt reflected on the lessons she’s learned in Scatterbomb that will stick with her, whether she pursues comedy in the future or not.

“I think that out of everything I’ve done in college, Scatterbomb has probably taught me the greatest life lessons in terms of conversation, in terms of meeting others. Being as quick on your feet as possible is always a really good and solid skill to have, with job interviews, first dates, anything. You always want to be the wittiest person in the room, and [Scatterbomb] has really helped with that.”

Looking back on her four years in the group, Waitt remarked on the advice she would give to her freshman self, when she first auditioned for Scatterbomb.

“Really cherish relationships, have fun, learn everything you can about everyone, because these are the days that twenty years from now, you’ll laugh about and reminisce on,” said Waitt. “It’s important to make as many memories as possible.”