Dear Readers,
I hope you’ve successfully made it though midterm exams! It’s hard to believe we’re already at the midway point in the semester. If your miderm grades did not turn out like you had hoped, please remember we’ve got some talented tutors
at the CAS who are ready to help you achieve your academic goals and boost your GPA.

Congratulations to all of the senior students who were inducted into Epsilon Sigma Pi Honor Society this past weekend! Thank you to the staff and administrators who organized the event and got up to speak, it was a lovely ceremony.

Be on the lookout for fall events coming up in the next few weeks to help students and members of the surrounding community celebrate Spooky Season! Be on the look out for more information on events like KDP’s Safe Halloween and Scatterbomb’s Halloween show titled “Scatterbomb Goes Grave Robbing.”

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