Men’s Soccer Continues to Bulldoze through the MAAC

After coming off a 3-2 win over Marist, the Jaspers look to advance to 4-0 with an upcoming game against a tough Rider team in the MAAC play. GOJASPER/COURTESY

By Eoin Whelan, Contributor

After coming off a 3-2 win over Marist, the Jaspers look to advance to 4-0 with an upcoming game against a tough Rider team in the MAAC play. 

A few members of the soccer team spoke to the Quadrangle in regard to their undefeated title, it is safe to say that they are unfazed by the hot streak and hungry for a chance at the championship.

Leading their efforts, Coach Foster spoke on their mindset, as they are currently undefeated in MAAC play.  

“I don’t think our mindset has changed … we’re in a good place, were looking forward to continuing the winning record hopefully,” Foster said. 

Foster has more on his mind than just the team’s stats, acknowledging the adversities they endured throughout the season. Having to make swift adjustments from team injuries, many players were called to step up to the plate. Foster specifically highlighted players like David Medina, who have had to go above and beyond to help the team. 

“One of the toughest games of the season against Marist on the road, against one of the best players in the league, playing as a freshman midfielder,” Foster said. 

Coach Foster has a new objective after becoming the first team to advance six points in the MAAC. He now has his sights set on accumulating five wins for the home advantage in playoffs. 

“I spoke to the boys about the standards of the program and maintaining the highest level of standards, looking at the ways we can get better, we have another big week, and this is going to be a great game on Saturday, hopefully, we get a good crowd out here from the campus so we can go 4-0,” Foster said.

Senior transfer Sebastiano Musu has been the key offensive weapon for this team and has been lighting up each team he faces. 

“The team has helped me a lot to perform well, playing every single game with them, they help me a lot to grow up as a person and player,” Musu said. “Every practice and every game I try to be the best of myself so I can improve on the defensive and offensive area.” 

After transferring from Campbellsville University, in the spring of 2023, it’s natural to assume there is a necessary adjustment period to be made. Musu spoke highly of his teammates for helping him transition to college. 

 “I’m so thankful to them because every day I am learning from them and improving myself a lot,” Musu said. 

Team Captain James Cotter showed full faith and optimism for his team as they head into the back end of MAAC play. 

“We want to win the league, win the MAAC as well, and go to NCAA’s,” Cotter said. “The program has never done it before, and we wanna be the first ones to do it.” 

With the title of captain comes a lot of pressure and adversity. Cotter spoke to The Quadrangle about his transition to the role of captain. 

 “It’s pretty easy … we got a lot of leaders here who help me out,” Cotter said. “We all know what we need to do”. We wrapped up by asking James what game he looks forward to this season the most, being his final year playing as a Jasper… he showed true tunnel vision by replying: “The MAAC final.”   

A week later, the Jaspers have finally achieved their goal of 5 wins, an entry to the playoffs, and remain undefeated in the MAAC. It is safe to say that the Jaspers are steamrolling through their competition and plan on carrying through with this winning streak. We’ll all look forward to what comes next for them with the upcoming game against the Niagara Purple Eagles.