Voices on the Quad: Students React to Academic Updates

By Anna Woods, Senior Writer

With the recent announcement regarding updates to the School of Education and the establishment of the new School of Health Professionals with the possibility of new courses of study, students are sharing their opinions about the changes. The School of Education will now become the Division of Education under the umbrella of the School of Liberal Arts.  While graduation requirements will not change for current students, these changes will have an impact. 

Christopher Osorio, Adolescent Education with a concentration in Spanish, Junior 

The Quadrangle: What are your general thoughts about the change to the School of Education?

CO: It came as a surprise to me because it was so sudden. I personally didn’t know what to think about the move because it was said in the email that the education department will now be a “semi-autonomous” department under the [School of Liberal Arts], therefore very vague. 

TQ: Do you think this will help or hurt you as an education major?

CO: I think it will hopefully help our department as most of the students including myself also take core/concentration classes that are a part of the  [School of Liberal Arts] and the move should reinforce those connections. 

TQ: Are you excited about the change?

CO: I am optimistic in that the school decided what’s best for our department and has a clear vision as to what direction they want the program to head towards. I think it will as I said before, the education program promotes a well-rounded learning experience and being a part of [School of Liberal Arts] will hopefully enhance our program for us as future teachers. 

Jocelyne A, English Literature and Secondary Education, Sophomore 

The Quadrangle: What are your general thoughts about the change to the School of Education?

Jocelyne A: I honestly prefer it. English literature concentrations should have been in the liberal arts school or at least able to have a say in this change since we’re the ones who need to graduate.

TQ: Do you think this will help or hurt you as an education major? 

JA: I think it will help me as an English Literature education major, especially since I want to focus on English literature but I hope it doesn’t hurt me credit wise or graduation requirement wise. I also worry that it’ll hurt other students in my field as well. 

TQ: Are you excited about the change?

JA: I wouldn’t say excited is the word, but I’m definitely interested to see how this will play out, especially with registering for courses next semester. 

Teddy Segmuller, Exercise Science Pre-PT, Senior

The Quadrangle: As a senior what is your perspective about the establishment of the School of Health professionals?

TS: Any time we can add more educational opportunities at Manhattan College, especially in the area of health professions, is great! As soon to be Alumni in the Health and Education School, any additional courses that this department offers is a huge benefit to the college. Majoring in Kinesiology provided an excellent academic experience for me. The professors within this department are beyond knowledgeable and I wish I would have been lucky enough to have had a graduate school opportunity under them.