Utilize MC’s Health Services For Same-Day Medication and Instant Relief

Health Services is located in Draddy Gymnasium. Students should turn left immediately upon entry of the building and follow the signs. ADRIANNEHUTTO / THEQUADRANGLE

By Adrianne Hutto, Production Editor

Manhattan College Health Services is tucked in the corner of Draddy due to construction of Horan forcing a location switch. Despite this setback, the services they provide make healthcare extremely accessible for students.

With a nurse, a nurse practitioner and doctor on staff, this facility can provide students with same-day medication for ailments, STI and COVID-19 testing, health check-ups, as well as information on the illnesses, with appointments available Monday through Friday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. While some students may not understand the extent of the services available, the employees at Health Services are hoping to change that. 

In addition to collecting immunizations required by New York State and providing students with health screening, nurse practitioner Carolyn McKay explains that Health Services allows students access to Riverdale Family Practice, a local clinic. 

“It’s a great liaison for the school to have that practice,” McKay said. “The communication is nice that if we have somebody we’re concerned about, we can let Dr. Franzetti know and he can provide access for our students to the extended services from that medical practice and all of their specialists.” 

For students who may need to be provided medication relating to an illness, Health Service can offer them same day access to certain medicine. As assistant director, Michele Reyes explains there is a dispensary on site. 

McKay further explains that there is an affordable system in place for students who may need medication provided to them. 

“We have our nurse practitioners and obviously the physician, they can write prescriptions,” McKay said. “So we have here, and it’s either a tier one or tier two. There’s an online link so it’s either five or ten dollars.” However, if students prefer they can pick up medication at an outside pharmacy nearby campus or closer to home. 

While the recording for COVID-19 has changed, with positive cases being closely monitored and symptoms less so, McKay explains that cases are down. However, due to the loss of the Daily Symptom Tracker, there is no way of knowing for certain whether the decrease in numbers is due to lack of reporting or generally lower cases. 

Students just returned from Spring Break, which typically means more people coming in for physicals and STI testing and with illnesses. As a preventative measure, Health Services offered walk-in STD testing prior to break. But obviously students can make an appointment any other time during our hours,” Reyes said. “We are happy to offer services to the students.” 

For students who may feel uncomfortable, Health Services does provide them with the option of choosing either a male or female provider, depending on their preferences. 

Recently, the location of Health Service has changed and while some students may find the new location challenging, Reyes explains that, having worked with Health Services since 2008, Draddy was the office’s original location. “This is supposed to be a temporary space,” Reyes said. “So you know, hopefully we’ll be back in earnest in Horan for the fall.” 

Anjali John is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering who has worked for Health Services since her freshman year. John explains that the biggest change has been the switch from paper to digital. “Now we’re trying to move to electronic so we’re scanning all the papers, so we can access everything online,” John said. “So that’s a huge change.” 

McKay explained that the main thing Health Services is hoping to change is the information students provide in regards to their health histories or what their symptoms are. “We have created a patient portal that people are sent at the time they make an appointment,” McKay said. “We actively want people to take a look at it and fill that out, and we have a patient satisfaction survey, that’s new. Because we want feedback. We want to hear what people want and what students want.” 

Health Services director, Anne Mayor explains that the office’s employees see their role as educators equally as important as their role as health professionals. “The employees at Health Services view ourselves as educators at the college. We educate students on how to access healthcare. We provide education on their illness and treatment,” Mayor said in an email.   

While Health Services is available for health screening and check-ups, it is important to remember to call 911 or Public Safety (718-862-7333) if you have an emergency.