MC Players Bring Joy Through Music at An Beal Open Mic Night

The next Open Mic Night will take place at An Beal on April 27th and is open to all MC students. ADRIANNE HUTTO/THE QUADRANGLE

By Adrianne Hutto, Production Editor

Manhattan College Players hosted Open Mic Night at An Beal on Thursday, March 23, giving performers the opportunity to showcase their talent. The event had MC students of all ages and majors tucked into the backroom of Beal laughing and cheering for hours. The event was mostly musical, creating a vibrant social atmosphere for the night. 

Luis Chavez, a senior sound studies major at MC and the producer of Players, explains that he was able to form the connection with An Beal last semester allowing them to host on certain Thursdays. “It’s like a variety show,” Chavez said. “We go into the back room and there’s already a piano there. Sometimes people bring a guitar and usually people just sing and play.”

The production director of Players, TJ Perez explains how the event is a great opportunity to bring people together for a “fun” night.

 “It’s just to kind of get everybody from players and anybody else who wants to attend together in a casual setting to hang out, have food, have drinks and just listen to music and have fun,” Perez said.

The idea behind Open Mic Night was to create a stage where everyone could feel comfortable performing, explained Synne Iversen Kverndal, the developmental director of players. 

“This allows those who audition and don’t get cast to do something creative,” Kverndal said. “We also began with Open mic to have events for everyone, regardless of who they are around campus, not only on campus, creating a good relationship with a nearby business.”

Sami Rini is a special education student in the MC graduate program and the former producer of Players. Rini showed a love for the atmosphere of the event and appreciates open mic events.

“I was able to attend my first open mic night almost 2 years ago last spring, and I was immediately reminded why I had loved them so much. An Beal was packed and it was just so celebratory,” Rini said in an email. “Everyone that got on that stage received overwhelming love and applause. It was a day where music and love just flowed so freely and it was really special.”

Chavez shared the same sentiment. “In situations where people get excited to perform and when, personally, they are trying something new on stage in front of a bunch of friends. It’s really energetic,” Chavez said.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the event, and while members of players often perform, it is usually decided on a whim. Chavez explains that he is happy to hop in wherever he is needed. This was further explained by Perez, who explained it was Chavez who contributed to one of her most memorable Open Mic Nights. 

 “The last one that I went to Luis Chavez was hosting. And he was playing the piano the entire night like he never sat down,” Perez said. “And we all kept telling him to come down and have something to eat or something. He was like, ‘no, I just want to keep playing.’ It was hilarious.”

Like Chavez, Rini typically decides the day-of if she’ll perform. “I have a tendency to make that decision on a whim, but I almost always decide to get up there and sing something so I certainly won’t be surprised if I do end up performing,” Rini said. “Again, I don’t know how many opportunities I am going to have in the future, so I’ll probably want to soak in the time I have now.” 

Players Open Mic Night is a great opportunity for students looking to showcase skills, enjoy live performances or just have a good time. For those who may have missed this month’s Open Mic Night, another one will take place on April 27.