Jasper Jams: Post-Springfest Playlist

by, Gabriella DePinho & Emily Rumsey, Senior Writer & Contributor

While this year’s Springfest looked a lot different than years past, students still had the chance to enjoy live music, albeit virtually. Grammy-nominated alternative artist Phoebe Bridgers took Jaspers’ screens by storm with beautiful lyricism, insightful commentary and lots of guitar changes and you can read more about it on page (wherever the article is). Whether or not you previously identified as a Bridgers fan, it’s undeniable that she put on a great acoustic set. If you liked what you heard and want to hear more or similar, then this column is for you.

Gabs’ Picks

Me & My Dog – Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker

While this song features two artists, Bridgers performed this song solo during Springfest. This song comes from the collaborative 2018 ep “boygenius.” All three musicians are credited on every single one of the ep’s six tracks. An incredible break up track, the song highlights Bridgers’ smooth vocals.

Heat Wave – Snail Mail

While Snail Mail does show up as a “Fans Also Like” artist on Spotify, I was introduced to this song during the early days of the pandemic, as a suggestion from a classmate. Snail Mail is the indie rock solo project of the singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan, who is 21, and has been releasing music since 2016. This track is a contemplative love song that features Jordan’s strong writing and vocals.

Your Best American Girl – Mitski

I was first introduced to Mitski back in high school at the recommendation of one of my best friends, who has one of the most expansive tastes in music out of anyone I’ve met. While I brushed her Mitski recommendation off at the time, I came around to love this track, as well as her other work. While the first minute of the track features soft vocals and guitar, the song explodes into drums, electric guitar and firm vocals after the 1:25 mark doesn’t look back. The song masterfully wrestles with love and issues of identity in a really beautiful way.

Survival – Adult Mom

Adult Mom began as the solo project of Stevie Knipe in 2012, but now oscillates between solo project and collaborative band. If you like Bridgers’ vulnerability, you’ll like Adult Mom. Adult Mom said on their bandcamp page for this song that it’s a song “(on queerness, parents, abuse surviving).” Adult Mom is bold and honest in their lyrics, and is a good listen for anyone whose favorite part of Bridgers’ songs is her poetic lyricism.

Shut Up and Kiss Me – Angel Olsen

Olsen has been releasing music for nearly a decade and this track is her most streamed song on Spotify. This track comes from her 2016 album “MY WOMAN” and I remember hearing it for the first time in high school and feeling super cool for knowing it. Olsen is a singer-songwriter and falls on the edge of the indie folk and indie rock line. While this song is more on the indie rock side, all of her music is worth checking out if you tend to like the indie folk side of things better.

Emily’s Picks

Motion Sickness – Phoe- be Bridgers

This song is my favorite out of Phoebe Bridgers’ discography, which I know sounds basic because it is also her most popular song. I think she shows

off her impressive lyrical skills, and the harsh grunge guitar riff in the beginning is such a great attention getter. This song is definitely a no-skip on a lot of my playlists, and I think it’s a great introduction to Phoebe Bridgers and who she is as an artist.

Heaven Or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins

The Cocteau Twins are maybe a little old school, but they’re also one of the spearheads of the dreampop sub-genre that Phoebe Bridgers also falls under. “Heaven Or Las Vegas” is the title track of their 1990 album, and it definitely embodies the sound of the album. With smooth instrumentals, intricate vocals, and an excellent use of a synthesizer, “Heaven Or Las Vegas” creates the groovy vibe that dreampop is famous for.

Breathe in, Breathe Out – Melody’s Echo Chamber

This song I found while writing this article, and if you’re more a fan of Phoebe’s “Stranger in the Alps” album then this song might be for you. It has a grungy guitar line that reminds me of the style of “Stranger in the Alps”, though this song is a little more fast-paced. The chorus has a funky bassline that makes the vocals pop in a great way. Definitely a song I’ll be listening to more!

Burning Airlines Give You So Much More – Brian Eno

This is also another oldie, and definitely someone that most people under the age of 50 have never even heard of, but this song has such a great guitar riff I just had to recommend it. If you like the collaboration album “Better Oblivion Community Center” by Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, then you’ll definitely like this. It’s a bit more cheery than Phoebe, but it’s got a good vibe and it’s a very well crafted song.

When You Sleep – my bloody valentine

Another dreampop classic, as well as a classic from everyone’s emo phase. This song has a special place in my heart since I did experience an emo phase, but aside from that it’s also a great jam. The introductory synth is a great attention catcher and the dark and harsher guitar paired with softer vocals is a great combination (my bloody valentine’s style contribution to the dreampop subg-enre). Phoebe Bridgers makes great use of the same combination in a lot of her music as well, so if you like her stuff you’ll definitely like this song.