Locke’s Loft Opens Indoor Dining at 50% Capacity

by, Lauren Raziano & Maria Thomas, Social Media Editor & Managing Editor

Locke’s Loft reopened their indoor dining spaces on Monday, April 19th to students and staff. The indoor dining capacity matches New York City’s procedures of 50% capacity.

The decision was made in conjunction with the consistent drop in positive test results within the Manhattan College community.

The email from Jaspers Return from Thursday April 15th reads, “Please be sure to keep following distancing signage and wash your hands before and after eating.”

Once again, the dining staff encourages students to follow all COVID-19 guidelines directed by the state, such as sanitation, capacity and distancing guidelines.

“To adhere to social distancing guidelines implemented by the State and Local Governments, it is best practice to refrain from moving chairs,” the dining services team wrote to The Quadrangle.

Sophomore Ali James is a public health major with a concentration in healthcare administration and management minor. Like many other students, James is looking forward to seeing how Locke’s will continue to adjust to reopening.

“I think it’s great that Lockes has officially reopened for indoor dining especially because we aren’t allowed to have visitors in our respective buildings. It’s nice to feel like things are maybe going to start going back to the way they were before the pandemic, especially as the semester ends and we all are getting ready to go back home,” James wrote.

Although students are now permitted to eat at Locke’s Loft, all meals will still be available in to-go boxes until the end of the 2021 spring semester.

“I personally really like having the grab-n-go option and I hope this is something they continue to allow even as we move past the pandemic,” James wrote.

Dining Services is hoping to return to full capacity in Locke’s Loft for the Fall 2021 semester. That being said, whether the self-serve salad, soup and sandwich bar will return along with full capacity seating is still under question.

James wrote, “I do think Lockes will return to the way it used to be, but not in the near future. The thought of being allowed to squeeze 12 people into a table like we used to over a year ago almost seems completely foreign.”

James continued.

“In all honesty, I still haven’t gotten used to seeing people eat in Locke’s now.”

Although dining services plans on opening Locke’s Loft indoor dining capacity to 100% for the fall 2021 semester, they are carefully monitoring guidance from the government during these rapidly changing times.

“Dining services is working in conjunction with the Administration at Manhattan College to develop a safe dining operation that follows guidelines implemented by the State and Local Governments,” the dining services team wrote.

In addition to Locke’s Loft, Sip and Chill has also reopened indoor dining to 50% capacity. Plans are currently being constructed on what to do with the space that previously held Cafe 1853.

“Dining Services is working in conjunction with the Administration at Manhattan College to create a concept for Café 1853 that will be best fit for the campus community. Students who would like to share what they would like to see in the space are encouraged to contact our team at diningservices@manhattan.edu,” the dining services team wrote.