Rush Season Kicks Off for MC Greek Life

by Elizabeth GriffithsContributor

The beginning of the semester marks the beginning of another “rush season” at Manhattan College for the small but mighty Greek life presence. During this time, all Jaspers are encouraged to get involved and join.

The Phi Mu chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was established in 2014, and have since built a name for themselves. With alumni that includes five U.S. presidents (and the founder of Heinz ketchup), DKE is recognized nationally and internationally.

Also known as the “gentlemen, scholars, and jolly good fellows,” DKE has proven themselves to be significant presence on campus. During recruitment, qualities the fraternity seeks go hand in hand with their mantra. Though there is a GPA requirement, according to Frank Vigna, President of the Phi Mu chapter, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from joining.

“If you are striving to learn more, to better yourself more, I consider you a scholar,” Vigna said. “People from our chapter have gone on to work at Google, Tesla, NASA and even JP Morgan.”

DKE also hosts events, such as a cancer walk and harvest fest, to support foundations such as the American Cancer Society.

Since established in 2013, Sigma Delta Tau’s Delta Mu chapter at Manhattan College has had an impeccable reputation for philanthropy and sisterhood.

“We’re really just a group of girls that come together over the common interest of sisterhood,” said chapter president Ashley Pajer.

This years’ recruitment theme is outer space, more specifically, “SDT is Out of This World.” They will be having separate, unreleased, themes for big/little reveal. If rushing SDT, expect to be a part of a well-built sisterhood that offers great networking and long-lasting friendships. From raising funds for the Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) and Jewish Women International (JWI) orginizations to hosting interactive events on campus, SDT does all they can to better their community.

“I was an athlete who got injured, so I was really looking for where I belonged. Rushing SDT pushed me out of my comfort zone and increased my confidence,” Pajer said, “I never thought I would be the president or get as close as I am with the sisters.”

Last, but definitely not least, the Beta Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Delta wraps up the Greek life offered here on campus. Alpha Phi Delta takes pride in their letters at Manhattan College and according to chapter President, Ryan Kwiecinski, “APD interacts with chapters from other schools, broadening social network.”

The Beta Beta chapter is welcoming freshmen to rush during the beginning of Spring semester. Recruitment is “Ray-bans” themed this year, with the logo, “Genuine since 1914,” attributing to the celebration of the fraternity’s 90th anniversary. This year, APD will be hosting a rush dinner, embracing the fraternity’s Italian heritage. According to the chapter’s Vice President, Christian D’Agostino, they are “hoping to make connections with new members of the fraternity.”

“Being in this chapter allowed me to get involved in a lot of different areas on campus,” said Ryan Kwiecinski, Chapter President for APD.

This brotherhood does just end after these four years, but according to Kwiecinski, they last a life-time. He also discussed upcoming events such as the Chipotle night APD hosts to raise support for Veteran groups.

Information regarding further rush information can be found on flyers across campus and on the college’s events calendar.