JSU and WIB: Two New Clubs Set to be Formally Recognized

by SOPHIA SAKELLERIOUProduction Editor

Two new clubs — Women in Business (WIB) and Jewish Student Union (JSU)– are set to join the Manhattan College campus this fall after having been approved by the Student Government Assembly in their last meeting of the Spring 2019 semester. However, the clubs are not Student Engagement clubs just yet.

Having been selected out of the nine clubs proposed, former Vice President for Commuter Affairs and current Vice President for Club Administration Anna Rosario explained that these clubs filled needs on campus that were missing in the past.

“Women in Business was one of the clubs that was almost like a no-brainer to pick. The founders of the club saw a need for there to be more representation of women in business and they sought to fill that need,” said Rosario. “JSU will also be very beneficial for the MC community because we learn about the Catholic/Christian community [as a] Catholic school, we learn about the Muslim tradition through MSA, but we don’t know much about the Jewish tradition; JSU could bring more awareness about Jewish tradition to our campus.”

The Jewish Student Union and Women in Business both tabled at the club fair on Tuesday, Sept. 3. BRIAN ASARE / THE QUADRANGLE

Rabea Ali, co-founder of WIB along with class of 2019 valedictorian Donya Qushi, explained why her and Qushi wanted this club to be a part of the Manhattan College community.

“We saw a distinct need for more support for women led programming in the school of business as well as forums for folks to directly speak about issues such as discrimination in the workforce as women,” said Ali.

They have lots in store for WIB members in the upcoming year including a mentor program that pairs freshmen and sophomore women with upper class women including a few MBA students in the School of Business. Co-founder Qushi is apart of the MBA program.

“If [club participants] attend 6 out of 8 events in the program they [will receive] a certificate of completion as well as having successfully built connections,” said Ali.

As marketing majors, the founders are looking forward to getting its members involved in advertising with Instagram as their major publicity platform because “it’s so much more relatable to students these days.”

Rabea said that all are welcome to join regardless of major and interested students can join their email list by emailing womeninbusiness@manhattan.edu or can direct message them on Instagram @womeninbusiness_mc where club updates and information will be posted. Meetings for Fall 2019 are monthly as follows: Sept. 17, Oct. 29, and Nov. 5 in DLS 209.

Christina Mohr, president of JSU, was inspired to start the club after taking Dr. Setzer’s Judaism class (RELS 341) where she talked about Jewish holiday celebrations on campus from the past and how a Jewish student group would be a great way to bring that back Mohr took the idea and ran with it.

“It bothered me how the only time Judaism or Jewish people were ever mentioned on campus was in reference to the Holocaust, and although it’s absolutely important to learn about the Holocaust, it’s also important to remember that Jewish people, Jewish traditions and Jewish culture survived and flourished,” said Mohr.

Mohr explained how New York City has a large Jewish community and that it’s time for Manhattan College to recognize that.

“Judaism is a religion based in community; holidays are meant to be celebrated with others, and we are looking forward to celebrating the holidays together as a club in the upcoming year, in addition to events about Jewish culture and Jews in the world today,” said Mohr. Adding that students should keep their eyes open for signs and posters around campus pertaining to these events.

“We’re open to people of all backgrounds,” said Mohr. “We’re here to give community to those far from home and welcome in those who are interested in learning about Judaism.”

While the clubs were approved by a vote in the assembly, the clubs have yet to officially receive their budgets because the resolution the Cooper administration had written for Student Engagement never formally made it to the desks of Student Engagement administrators. The Atkins administration is working to resolve the issue and get the clubs their due budgets.

The clubs are still active, gearing up for a full semester of activities, but they are still waiting to receive formal official recognition from Student Engagement. Until then, they are the unofficial official new clubs on campus.