Jasper Jams: Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

Editor’s Note: Jasper Jams will return to posting on Sunday afternoons; it previously followed this schedule but was changed to Wednesday afternoons.

Love songs are a mix of extremely intimate and hyper-commercialized, which is an interesting combination. I, for one, am a sucker for good love songs, but I’ve set out to ponder what makes a good love song? Is a good love song upbeat? Does it have personal lyrics that really only make sense to the songwriter? Is it a good love song just because it is from 20+ years ago and has become a classic? Is it slow and emotional?

While I was making valentines to hand out to strangers on Valentine’s Day last week, I posted something on my personal Instagram story asking people I knew to tell me their favorite love songs and surprisingly, I got a decent number of replies, which gave me some options for this playlist.

Even though Valentine’s Day was last week, I’ve decided to follow in suit of the “you should show how much you love and appreciate others all the time” stance that some people take against the holiday so I can dedicate this week’s Jasper Jams to love songs.

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

A sweet, mellow, slightly tongue-in-cheek, personal lyrics type of love song, this one makes the playlist as a personal favorite of mine. It’s not your typical ‘proclamation of love’ love song, but rather it focuses on nurturing the relationship that’s already there and valuing time together, which is why I like it so much.

I Would – COIN

This suggestion came in from a friend from high school. I’ve previously listened to and liked COIN songs a lot, but I’d never heard this one before. This song is a good example of an upbeat song with seemingly less personal lyrics that echoes a lot of sentiments any listener in love could relate to.

From The Ground Up – Dan+Shay

I have recently developed a soft spot for country music and I actually had a hard time picking one country song for this playlist. This suggestion came from a friend from home and I’m glad she suggested it to help make my decision easier. The lyrics are intimate, sweet and thoughtful and makes for a good first dance song.

Endless Love – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

This suggestion came from C. Garrett Keidel, our sports editor, and I’m glad he suggested it. It’s a classic, slow, sweet, sentimental love song that came from the 1980s, but doesn’t sound dated, which is rare for most 80s songs.

Wild Love – James Bay

Recommended by Tara Marin’18 (former features editor and senior writer for The Quadrangle) this song has a unique sound from most other love songs I’ve heard recently. Bay once again comes at his listener with strong lyrics and an intimate sound.

I’ll Be Seeing You – Billie Holiday

This is a very classic love song that transports me back in time to days of courtship that didn’t include Snapchat, DMs, “ghosting”, double texting and analyzing punctuation in text messages and makes me believe that love could (again) be simple. I, a former middle school band member, greatly appreciate the muted trumpet in the background.

L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

Suggested by Sophia Sakellariou, our production editor, this song might be familiar to those who have seen the Lindsay Lohan version of “The Parent Trap.” This song is fun, classic and will most definitely get stuck in your head.

Poet – Bastille

This song is a good commentary on a traditional expression of love format and does exactly what love poetry does: makes a person you love live beyond their life. The images and feelings Bastille create in under 3 minutes are something that can easily resonate with any listener.

Superhero – Lauv

Most people know Lauv for his hit “I Like Me Better” which is another love song of his. This song was actually inspired by a message a fan wrote, which I find intriguing. Though there’s a few other emotional threads woven into the song, the idea of someone calling the person they love a superhero is a really sweet thought.