Courtney Warley: A Family Tradition

by Alexa Schmidt, Features Editor

Jaspers Talk

Sophomore Courtney Warley is finance and management major with a minor in psychology. At 6’3”, she plays center for the Women’s Basketball team. She was named to the 2018 All-MAAC Rookie Team, and manages to balance practice, class and games throughout the year. A strong rebounder and goal scorer for the team, Warley took the time to sit down and talk with The Quadrangle.

The Quadrangle: How did you get into basketball?

Courtney Warley: Well my whole family plays basketball. My mom and my dad played in college so before I remember I was playing basketball, and my sisters played basketball. So it was just, I started when I was young and just fell in love with it.

TQ: Why did you choose Manhattan?

CW: Honestly, for the people. Right when I came on my visit, I committed on the way home. Just when I got here, everyone was so friendly and it was just a very family-oriented place and that’s what I wanted to have.

TQ: Were you specifically looking to play basketball in college?

CW: Yes.

TQ: What are the challenges of being a student athlete?

CW: I think just time management. Everything with school and classes. And just knowing when to prioritize certain things.

TQ: What are your goals for this season?

CW: Well our team goals is to just always win the MAAC championship. Every game that we go into we have the mentality to win so just having a good season.

TQ: How do you think the team has done so far?

CW: I think we’ve done good. We’ve had a couple setbacks, but we’re just a big thing of not getting down on ourselves and always just bouncing back.

TQ: Does the pressure get to you when you’re out on the court?

CW: I try not to make it. I just always think about, like the game keeps going, so I can’t think about the last play or something. I just have to play in the moment.

TQ: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

CW: Not really. I pray before every game, but other than that, nothing. Some of my teammates though, they wear the same thing every game, but me not so much.

TQ: Do you think it’s a good team dynamic?

CW: Yeah. We have a lot of different people on our team, but we’re all very close on and off the court, so for sure.

TQ: What are some of your favorite memories?

CW: I think recently we just beat Marist, so I think that was a very good team win and the girls were really excited so I’d probably say that one recently.

TQ: What does being a Jasper mean to you?

CW: Especially on our team, we have a motto, “Play Green.” And that always just means always doing everything the right way and at a championship level. So when I think about being a Jasper I always just go to, “play green,” and just doing everything on and off the court the right way.

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