Printing Made Easier at MC with Wireless Access

by MEGAN DREHER, Features Editor

On Tuesday, April 3., Information Technology Services Department (ITS) at Manhattan College launched a wireless printing program for students titled ‘Web Print’. This program, powered by a print management software called PaperCut, allows for students to connect their own devices to the computer lab printers on campus and print PDF documents, provided they are connected to the Manhattan College internet network. 

Web Print is a feature that Richard Musal, Director of Client Services and Operations for ITS, has wanted to bring to the Manhattan community for quite some time.

“I’ve wanted to bring wireless printing to the college for years, ever since PaperCut made it a feature,” said Musal. “We strive to find features that make the Manhattan College Community’s life easier.  Unfortunately, Web Print was put on the back burner due to higher priority projects.” 

In addition to the release of Web Print, ITS also released another backburner project titled LabSeat in the Fall of 2017. This software allows students to monitor the availability of computers in the labs around campus. These two new projects made possible by ITS during the academic year have reflected the efficiency of the department as well as the dedication to improving technological resources for student use.

“Our IT infrastructure and team is more robust than ever. This has allowed us to shift away from reactive support and putting out fires. We are now able to spend more time on exciting projects like these and the Glance App. We are working toward more projects to improve the Manhattan College community’s experience,” Musal said.

The wireless printing upgrade comes just one year after the installation of a printer on the fourth floor of the Kelly Commons for student use. 

“This new printer has been wildly successful, much more successful than we initially thought. A few times a week students are coming and asking for more paper, because of how much they’re going through. Thankfully, students have been very respectful of the printing station. This really has been something run by the students, for the students,” said John Bennett, Director of Student Engagement.

Though wireless printing has not been a project that Student Government has spearheaded, Bennett added that it is a great asset towards making printing easier for all students.

“It’s a great initiative, and really progressive, especially when you look at other schools. It’s supposed to make printing more convenient for students. It’s just another way to make printing more accessible, and faster as you’re running between classes.”

Wireless printing stations can be found across campus in all public computer labs, including O’Malley Library 5th floor kiosk area, O’Malley computer labs 506, 410, and 206, RLC 103, and De La Salle 314 to name a few. A full list of labs is available when you login to Web Print. 

According to Anita McCarthy, ITS Training Coordinator, the process to use Web Print is user friendly. Students are able to access Web Print through its own landing page:

“Once you navigate to this page please review the Using Web Print for Wireless Printing on Campus, this article walks you through the steps a student follows to use wireless printing on campus. It even contains a short tutorial demonstrating the process,” said McCarthy. 

The now available feature of Web Print is projected to help students heading into the “crunch time” of the semester. Students should contact ITS with any questions about utilizing this new program.