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New Summer Housing for Non-MC Students

by Aleksandra Lozanova & Lauren SchusterContributor & Asst. Editor

Manhattan College has recently announced a new initiative to allow non-MC college students to stay in campus housing over the summer in order to commute to internships in the city. All students must be at least 18 years old, enrolled in an accredited college or university and have proof of internship employment in order to apply. 

The program is run by Michele Famularo, the associate director of conference services, and will begin this upcoming summer.

“The Office of Conference Services started the Summer Intern Housing initiative ​as a new source of revenue for the college in addition to promoting our campus as an affordable, convenient housing option for college aged students who are interning around the neighborhood and in New York City,” Famularo said.

In comparison to other colleges in New York City, MC’s affordable pricing paired with it’s easy access to public transportation has the potential to be very beneficial to students from other institutions. 

“To launch this new program, we performed market research to understand the demand for affordable summer housing and compared our facilities, amenities and access to the subway in relation to other NYC colleges,​“ Famularo said.

The students who take part in this program will have the option to be placed in either Horan or Jasper hall. They will also have the option of selecting either a single occupancy or a double occupancy room. If a student chooses double occupancy room, he or she has the option to either request a roommate or have one assigned by the school based on the date range during which they will be staying.

According to AJ Goodman, the associate director of residence life, these students cannot room with MC students. All students in the summer intern housing program must live with others in the same program. 

“The non-MC students will not be housed in Overlook with our students, as Conference Services takes on leadership of the other residence halls after we close on Commencement Day,” Goodman said. 

Goodman views the program as a great option for students with internships in New York City that are looking for affordable housing.

“It’s a great initiative and something that a number of other local colleges offer. I’m looking forward to seeing the work that Michele has put into starting the program here,” Goodman said.

Matthew Aumick, a senior student worker in the office of residence life, feels as though the program will provide non-MC students with a great option for summer housing with easy access to downtown Manhattan.

“I’m aware of the residence life system here, so it would definitely be a lot easier to commute into the city if you’re just at the top of the Bronx, and it’s also not like downtown, it’s not bustling all the time, so at least it’s kind of quiet. It’s a stone’s throw away [from downtown], so I feel like [summer housing here] could definitely benefit other students, not necessarily just Manhattan College students,” Aumick said.

The application for the program can be found online on the Manhattan College website.

Editor’s Note: Haley Burnside contributed to reporting.

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