ITS Expands Campus Wi-Fi Bandwidth

October 31, 2015

by JACK MELANSON, Staff Writer Today, Wi-Fi is essential for the overall success of a college student. Being the outlet for both information and entertainment, JasperNet when running properly allows students to research for their classes, check [...]

As Planned, Printing Limits Take Effect

October 15, 2014

A newly-developed program intended to raise awareness of the environmental impact of student printing on-campus was implemented earlier this month, say directors of Manhattan College’s Information Technology Services. “In spring of 2013, IT was [...]

ITS Summer Update

August 28, 2014

While students were away for summer, Information Technology Services has been working to optimize the current systems already in place. The Manhattan College community can look forward to updates for MyMCPortal and DegreeWorks and two new [...]

JasperNet Sign-On Gets a Facelift

April 27, 2014

When students returned from break they were introduced to a new look when they signed into their Manhattan College account. What was simply a login screen has been revamped to offer students and staff more information when they sign into the [...]