Printers to be Added in Student Commons

by MEGHAN DREHER, Staff Writer & AUGUST KISSEL, Staff Writer

Each day, students rush to class, always leaving with enough travel time to arrive to class in a timely manner. A typical pit stop along the way is the library. Upon entering, a common sight is to find a mass of students either waiting to use or using the computers, hoping to quickly print out their assignment and be on their way.

This clogged chaos can become a problem if a student has to walk to a building far away, or that the library is out of their way.

Now, though, students will have one more place to congregate and print things out for school in the Raymond Kelly Student Commons, thanks to an effort by student government and the office of student Engagement.

“We’ve heard rumblings about it for a while and student government brought it up as one of their initiatives, they wanted to look into the possibility of it,” said John Bennett, director of Student Engagement, whose office has already placed the order for the first printer and plan on installing it and opening it up to the student body within the next few weeks.

The accessibility of the library printers has been a common concern with commuter students. Some have found it to be inconvenient to walk to the library to print, when it is out of their way. Commuter student Jaime Avila said he does not always have time to walk to the main part of campus to print.

“It’s especially hard if you’re someone who has a majority of your classes in Leo and RLC, or just because you don’t have enough time in between classes.” said Avila.

The new printer will also benefit those that live in Overlook Manor. Sharilyn Uyehara is a junior that lives in Overlook and finds the distance between Overlook and the library to cause a time constraint when heading to class.

“It’s such a hassle, especially when I need to print for my next class and I’m running late. A printer in Kelly would at least be on the way.” she said.

Alexa Iaquinto added a printer in Kelly would be safer for Overlook residents to access.

“If I finish a paper late at night and I need to print it, it’s not really safe to walk to the library and back to OV,” she said

The technology at the printing station will be made up of computers student government already has, according to Bennett.  He said this was because the printing station is primarily a student government initiative.

“The intention is not to be a work station, where you type your midterm paper. So we will put up signage…we want it to be something nice but also something that says please be respectful of other student’s time and that this a printer station and not a work station.” Bennett said.

The printer will be located in the club room, room 4-12, on the fourth floor of the Kelly Commons, mainly because it is a room that is always open for student use.

“It’s never locked…whenever the building is open, the door is open.” said Bennett.

Together, Student Engagement and student government are hopeful for this project to take off and that many students will find this added printing station to be beneficial.

“If enough interest is shown, we will pursue having the printers being moved to a lower floor of the Commons,” Student Body President Dorian Persaud said. “In the future, we are also interested in having a printing station in Overlook Manor.”

The launch of the printer station will be announced on MC Announcements and the MC social media accounts within the next couple of weeks.