Horan Elevators to be Replaced


Beginning last semester, rumors have been circulating all throughout campus in regards to the replacement of the elevators on campus. While it seems as if almost all of the elevators have some sort of issue, students have been questioning for months, if not years, when the elevators will be replaced.

There have been rumors going around with this one stating that the reason it is taking so long is because the company the installed the elevators went out of business, which means that to replace the elevators, it will be much more expensive than anticipated.

Sophomore Isabel Quinones, the School of Education & Health Vice President and the VP of the Resident Student Association explained why more clearly why it is taking so long, and what is helping solve the problem most.

“The elevators original company had gone out of business so it is very difficult to get them repaired when they do break down. I think the petition truly sparked initiative and will help pick up the process and show that this is a really important problem and needs to get resolved as soon as possible for the safety of our residents, students, faculty, and staff.”

While Chrysostom Hall remains without an elevator, and Lee Hall is the most newly renovated building, this leaves the one Jasper Hall elevator and the four elevators in Horan Hall left to be causing most of the problems.

Quinones worked with the Resident Student Association to find a way to replace the elevators as soon as possible.

“In the beginning of last semester, Pat and I worked hard to get an understanding of what students wanted changed on campus specifically in the residence halls. It was clear that residents in Horan were getting fed up with the elevator issue. Pat and I then organized a tabling event to get a petition signed by as many student on campus as possible. This was very successful and we got a lot more signatures then expected. This helped show that we need a change in Horan,” Quinones said.

Senior and Vice President of Residential Affairs, Patrick Estanbouli helped create the petition last semester to have the elevators fixed, and stood for an entire day in Thomas Hall asking for students to sign the petition.

“The student government, specifically the resident student association, has worked closely with residence life in trying to get the elevators replaced. The RSA supported multiple work order programs put on by the RA’s in Horan Hall as well as having a petition program for students in which over 200 students signed in favor for replacing the Horan and Jasper elevators,” Estanbouli said.

Estanbouli and Quinones both stated that while, the replacement has been approved for the near future, they are not 100% sure when this replacement is set to happen.

“There is a projection that it will happen between 1 to 3 years and we are working on having it happen sooner than later,” Estanbouli stated.

From what both Estanbouli and Quinones know, the four Horan Hall elevators are set to be replaced before the Jasper Hall elevator, due to the four elevators having the most issues.

“It’s taken so long because in the past there hasn’t been as many problems and this time we just persistently worked on pushing this problem to the administration and doing what we could to get students involved and their voices heard,” said Estanbouli.

There have been many issues regarding the four elevators in Horan Hall, and students are left to take the stairs, sometimes even more flights up than they’d rather.

Junior Noah Alexander has experienced problems with the elevators in Horan on numerous occasions, and is looking forward to their replacement.

“The elevators stink like buns. Replacing them will be revolutionary for the building.”

While Horan students are excited to hear about the much anticipated elevator replacement, students in Jasper Hall aren’t as excited to hear that their elevator won’t be the first to be fixed.

Senior Amy Duong has lived in Jasper Hall for two years, and has experienced enough troubles with the one elevator.

“I never use the elevators because the second time I used it, it stopped on the floor, then dropped a foot down further than where it was supposed to stop. The inspection cards should also be placed inside the elevators and not just available at physical plant. The elevator needs to be replaced because the one we have right now is just a hazard.”

While we have yet to know a set date that any elevator on campus will be replaced, Estanbouli, Quinones, and all of Student Government is excited to see that what they are working so hard towards is actually becoming a success.

“It is really amazing to have this task moving along and we feel very proud to have gotten the gears in motion for the progress of such an important campus concern.”

There may not be any specific changes next to come on the Student Government agenda, however, Estanbouli, Quinones, and all of Student Government is looking forward to making as many improvements as possible while they’re here.