Behind the Scenes of the Sixth Borough

by C. GARRETT KEIDEL, Asst. Editor

The Athletics Facilities and Event Management Department plays a large role on campus. Those who work in the department make sure that all athletic events on campus run smoothly and efficiently for all those who participate and watch the events.

Timothy Schultz is the Assistant Director of Athletics Facilities and Event Management here at Manhattan College. This is his first year in this position at the college, and he is looking to make sure that the events happening in Draddy Gymnasium and Gaelic Park run smoothly and according to plan.

“There’s always something going on so its always busy,” said Schultz. “There’s never really any down time, and if there is down time, then it feels like there is something we can do. I’ve been working in Athletic Facilities for six or seven years now. There’s always something that can be done to improve upon what you’ve been doing. We always have something going on, it’s why I enjoy it so much.”

As Assistant Director of the department, Schultz is responsible for much of the overseeing and managerial aspect of the group.

The students who are staffed for basketball games set up and break down the court, bleachers, concessions and Jasperclub. XIOAYANG WU / THE QUADRANGLE

“I work with the staff and graduate assistants to oversee and maintain both athletic facilities we have on campus in Gaelic Park and Draddy Gymnasium, along with overseeing and managing all the home events we have; implementing projects to improve the gym, the field and the overall experience,” said Schultz. “It entails a lot of different things, a lot of moving parts, but we all work together to make a successful facility.”

There are about 60 students who also work for the Athletic Facilities and Events Management department as a part of the work-study program. The main responsibilities are to implement and execute the plans set forth to make sure the events are set up, run, then broken down successfully.

“We have two group of students, one group works in just facilities and their main role is at the front desk to track and maintain the amount of people coming in,” said Schultz. “They’re also tasked with different roles throughout the day. They could be doing laundry, they could be folding stuff, they could be putting other stuff away, setting up for events, or helping out with other people in the department. They’re placed pretty full for the most part. They can be here during the week, weekends, opening shifts, or closing shifts.”

“Then we have gameday workers, and their roles and responsibilities are working said event,” said Schultz. “So if we have a basketball game coming up, we staff anywhere between 18 and 20 students to come in, set the court up, set the bleachers up, help with the overall setup of tables, chairs, Jasperclub, concessions, everything going on in the concours, to things outside that are associated with that game. So they are here for setup, the game and then for breakdown.”

Mary Harsch is a sophomore chemical engineering major who also works in the Athletic Facilities and Events Management Department as a part of the work-study program. When it comes down to what she has learned through her experience, one thing immediately comes to mind.

“It is really important to communicate what you’ve been doing to other people because if you don’t tell them that you’ve already set something up they’re going to pull out the equipment,” said Harsch. “Once they go to set it up, then they’ll realize it has already been done and have to put it back away. That wastes a lot of time that we could be using to finish setting things up or tearing things down.”

Jillian Calandra is a junior communication major who plays on the Women’s Lacrosse team, along with her work in the Athletic Facilities and Events Management Department. Her life as an athlete heavily influenced her decision to work in this department.

“As an athlete, I really appreciate the people who set up and help with our games to make them run smoothly,” said Calandra. “So I wanted to be able to give back to other teams and help them out as well. Also three of my teammates work with me so we all do it together and it’s really fun.”

Calandra and Harsch both commented on how they’d like to shed some light on the hard work of their bosses and those who work in the Athletic Facilities group.

“I really hope that people appreciate my bosses,” said Calandra. “I know that a lot of it is behind-the-scenes work for each game, and it definitely keeps each game running smoothly and efficiently for all spectators.”

“I think that the administration of our facilities and events department can be underappreciated at times,” said Harsch. “They do a lot of work to make sure that these events run incredibly smoothly. That includes making sure that we know what we’re doing, and making sure we look professional so that when people come in they think well of our school.”