Horan Hall Renovations Set to be Completed in Summer 2023

By, Nicole Fitzsimmons, Senior writer In the fall 2023 semester, students will begin to have a new option for on campus housing in the newly renovated Horan Hall. Renovations are currently being constructed in the residence hall, including the implementation of modern new suites, common areas and updated facilities. Craig Collins, vice president of facilities, explained the current plans for renovations.  “In Horan Hall, we … Continue reading Horan Hall Renovations Set to be Completed in Summer 2023

Horan Elevators Undergoing Replacement

by Katie Heneghan & Caroline McCarthy, Asst. Features Editor & Staff Writer The four elevators in Horan Hall have stalled, broken down and caused a nuisance for students for the past few years, resulting in Manhattan College’s decision to replace the four elevators over the course of the 2019-2020 school year. The $1.2 million dollar project will be conducted by the elevator company Thyssenkrupp. The company has begun … Continue reading Horan Elevators Undergoing Replacement

Horan Elevators to be Replaced

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Editor Beginning last semester, rumors have been circulating all throughout campus in regards to the replacement of the elevators on campus. While it seems as if almost all of the elevators have some sort of issue, students have been questioning for months, if not years, when the elevators will be replaced. There have been rumors going around with this one stating that the reason … Continue reading Horan Elevators to be Replaced

“Black Sludge” Still Plaguing Campus Washing Machines

For some resident students, whether or not their clothes leave the washing machine dirtier than they went has become a crapshoot. Dark streaks of unknown origin have been appearing on students’ items post-wash from time to time, a phenomenon occasionally referred to as “black sludge.” The problem has been observed throughout campus residence halls as early as last year, but seems to occur most frequently … Continue reading “Black Sludge” Still Plaguing Campus Washing Machines

Squeaky Clean in Horan and Lee

by C. Garrett Keidel Staff Writer Beginning this year, the bathrooms in the suite style dormitories will be cleaned at the midpoints of each semester, along with the normal cleanings during the winter intersession and summer cleaning. The team of 22 housekeepers and porters began the systematic cleaning of the two residence halls on Oct. 3, starting with the 11th floor of Horan Hall. All the … Continue reading Squeaky Clean in Horan and Lee

Horan Hall Elevator Problems Continue

by Bennett Hall Contributor Horan Hall, a residence building standing eleven-stories-high, continues to have the problem of unruly elevators, an issue that has persisted for a majority of the 2016-2017 academic year. The elevators have had multiple issues, including recent problems with the doors. As one waits in the elevator, the doors refuse to close, sometimes half-closing three or four times before finally shutting and bringing … Continue reading Horan Hall Elevator Problems Continue

A Day in the Life: The Ten-Man Suite

The big day has finally arrived. You walk up the hallway scanning for your room number with your family behind you lugging boxes and bags filled with your belongings for the first semester. But even as the numbers continue to climb, you still don’t see your name scrawled on any of the assorted tags taped to the suite doors. You start to worry and double-check the room number … Continue reading A Day in the Life: The Ten-Man Suite

Despite Rumors, No Bedbugs in Horan

BY SEAN MCINTYRE SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR A New Yorker’s biggest nightmare is the size of an apple seed: bedbugs. They are not able to jump or fly, but they can navigate quickly through residences. This semester a rumor circulated that these creatures were loose on the ninth floor of Horan Hall. “I can confirm that there are no cases of bed bugs on campus,” Andrew … Continue reading Despite Rumors, No Bedbugs in Horan