Horan Hall Elevator Problems Continue

by Bennett Hall


Horan Hall, a residence building standing eleven-stories-high, continues to have the problem of unruly elevators, an issue that has persisted for a majority of the 2016-2017 academic year.

The elevators have had multiple issues, including recent problems with the doors.

As one waits in the elevator, the doors refuse to close, sometimes half-closing three or four times before finally shutting and bringing students to their destination. The first floor seems to be the worst for this problem, sometimes causing people to take a less convenient way to reach their rooms.

“I’ve had to wait in the elevator for so long sometimes that it’s quicker to just take the stairs,” said Julia Danielowski, a freshman living on the fourth floor.

The stairs are an option for most, but fail to accommodate students on higher floors and also students who are injured or have physical disabilities. These students are forced to sit and wait for the elevators to work properly, which can sometimes take several minutes.

Many students have tried to find ways to get the doors to close sooner.

“One time as the doors were struggling to close I banged on the wall, and finally the doors fully shut,” said sophomore, Antonio Paone. “I’m not sure if my banging actually helped or if it was just a coincidence.”

Although the door issue is an annoyance, it does not pose any danger.

“There is no risk involved with the elevators,” said Richard McKeown, director of  physical plant. “The elevators have a service contract, so we just call the contractor and they deal with the issue. The elevators are computerized, and sometimes they get a glitch in the system.”

McKeown shared that the elevators are no longer a problem.

“To my knowledge they are functional everyday,” said McKeown. “We may have to call the contractor, but the issue gets fixed once they come.”

Some students disagree and say that the problem is persistent.

“More often than not, the elevator doors refuse to close,” Danielowski said.

Manhattan College encourages students to address their concerns to Residence Life. If a student has something to say they can go directly to their building’s Resident Director.

In Horan hall, the area coordinator is Ryan Bunts.

“I am always accepting feedback and definitely encourage students to address their concerns with me,” Bunts said. “I understand it being uncomfortable since most students do not interact with me every day, but I am always open for them to send me an email or stop by my office.”

Bunts’ office is located on the second floor of Horan Hall.

Students always have the option of contacting their Residence Director or submitting a Repair Request on the college’s website.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misidentified Ryan Bunts, who is the area coordinator for Horan Hall, as the resident director.