Also on Campus

Intramural Softball

Manhattan College reception coordinator Kyle deManicor sent an email to intramural softball participants this in an effort to curb drinking at games.

According to the email,  students have reportedly been drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages to Gaelic Park during softball games.

“This is unacceptable and needs to stop now,” said deManincor in his email. “If I see anyone drinking, not only will I have you removed from the league and have a meeting in my office in regards to further discipline, but public safety will be called and it become a larger issue.”

deManincor ended his statement expressing the danger that drinking alcohol can bring to softball games, and also that he would like to consider this issue closed.

ASCE Steel Bridge Competition

Over the weekend, Manhattan College Engineers competed in the ASCE Steel Bridge Competition. It was held at City College.

The competition is a chance for students to practice skills of design and construction while building a steel bridge.

Over 15 schools competed in the competition. Of those schools, Manhattan secured 4th place.

Freshman Pat Maurer reflected on his teams efforts.

“Last year we got disqualified, and our goal was the max weight 2500 pounds which we reached.” said Maurer, adding, “Our goal for build time was 25 minutes but we got around 32 to 35 minutes.”

Mechanical Engineering Day

On Thurs. Apr. 14. Kelly Student Commons will be hosting the annual Mechanical Engineering day. The event will last from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The event will include a lunch and poster session, guest speakers, activities and competitions, and a graduate panel.

The Manhattan College campus largely consists of Engineering students, as they can all come together to discuss their future careers on this day.