Review: Fusion Juice Bar and Grill

By RikkiLynn Shields, Asst. Editor

Right up the road by the infamous Jasper’s Deli, a brand new spot for food opened up. It’s called Fusion Juice Bar and Grill and it offers a wide variety of Mexican and Mediterranean food.

Fusion Juice Bar and Grill has a very modern design to it, making it a very appealing scene as soon as you walk through the doors. Walking in, the bright green walls go great with the healthy vibe that the restaurant is trying to give off. There are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables places behind the glass counter, always available for fruit bowls, fruit smoothies, crepes and so much more. Although they do have a set menu of freshly made smoothies and juices, you are able to take control and decide what goes in your smoothie or juice.

Fusion Juice Bar & Grill Opened on 238th Street. Photo by RikkiLynn Shields, The Quadrangle

Whether it is fruit, protein or anything else you want to try, Fusion Juice Bar and Grill will accommodate you and assist you in making the best smoothie possible.

However, Fusion Juice Bar and Grill makes much more than healthy smoothies and juices. Looking up at the menu above the counter, you will notice the wide variety of food choices, as well.

Just when you thought this would be another restaurant pushing the “healthy choices” on you, serving only juices and sandwiches, you thought wrong. Fusion Juice Bar and Grill also makes Mexican and Mediterranean food as well. The menu choices vary from halal food to build your own burritos.

Many students at Manhattan College are thrilled about the opening of Fusion Juice Bar and Grill. “Eating the falafel at the Fusion Juice Bar and Grill made me think it couldn’t get any better, “ Alex Constantine, a freshman, said. “I’ve tried many different Mediterranean restaurants all over New York City with my friends, and I didn’t expect the food here to be the best I’ve ever had. The prices were just in my range, and with it being right near school, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing for my health, and my bank account.”

Photo by RikkiLynn Shields, The Quadrangle

Many deli’s and restaurants around campus try to push healthy eating. However, walking into Fusion Juice Bar and Grill, it seems almost impossible to go the wrong route. The Mexican and Mediterranean food is outstanding, however, it seems almost impractical to walk in and leave without a freshly pressed juice or smoothie, when all of the beautiful, colorful, fresh fruit is sitting right in front of you.

“Although I’m only a freshman, I feel like I am running out of places to eat around campus. When I go to the deli, or anywhere on Broadway to eat, I end up eating something I regret later,” Eva Pugliese, a freshman, said. “Having a healthy option available is very convenient. I’m not saying that the burrito’s weren’t good, but when I need a quick pick me up, or just something to munch on, having the option to get a fresh fruit bowl or pressed juice sounds so much better to me than drinking something from Starbucks that wont even fill me up.”

Photo by RikkiLynn Shields, The Quadrangle

Fusion Juice Bar and Grill is reasonably priced, and very clean. For students trying to save money, they also have $1 any size coffee. All of the workers at the Fusion Juice Bar and Grill are friendly and inviting. Eating healthy has been made easy. The temptation to go for Mediterranean or Mexican is there, but the healthy options are just as available as well, and they are very appealing to the eye. If you’re looking for an eclectic eatery with healthy options, Fusion Juice Bar and Grill is the place to go.

“I think the opening of the Fusion Juice Bar and Grill will do a lot of students around campus justice. There are alternative options at other places around campus, but this place has a new refreshing amount of healthy options,” Pugliese said.