Intramural Basketball Returns after Two Year Hiatus

By, Anna Woods, Managing Editor  After a two-year hiatus, intramural basketball is well underway. Intramural basketball ended in March 2020 only weeks before the pandemic began. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, indoor sports had not been an option for the intramural program. Now in 2022, students are able to get back on the court.  “We have well over 1000 students that participate,” Deanna Hewlett, recreation coordinator, … Continue reading Intramural Basketball Returns after Two Year Hiatus

Deanna Hewlett Named New Director of Intramurals

by Haley Burnside Senior Writer Deanna Hewlett is the newest director of the intramural program at Manhattan College. She, her colleagues and the students are hopeful and excited to see how she will use her expertise to improve the program. The intramural program consists of two divisions differing in competitive intensity. There are a number of various sports offered such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and flag football. … Continue reading Deanna Hewlett Named New Director of Intramurals

Also on Campus

Intramural Softball Manhattan College reception coordinator Kyle deManicor sent an email to intramural softball participants this in an effort to curb drinking at games. According to the email,  students have reportedly been drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages to Gaelic Park during softball games. “This is unacceptable and needs to stop now,” said deManincor in his email. “If I see anyone drinking, not only will … Continue reading Also on Campus

Tough Calling To Be An Intramural Referee

by Kieran Rock & Sean Sonnemann, Editor and Editor-in-Chief A whistle blows. A foul is called. Eyes roll, players grumble, coaches yell and fans groan. Whether they are called umpires, officials or referees, the men and women who perform the thankless task of enforcing the rules of the game are some of the most maligned figures in sports. The student workers who maintain order on … Continue reading Tough Calling To Be An Intramural Referee

More than Just an (Intramural) Game

By Gabriela Badard, Contributing Writer The overwhelming sound of people shouting, sneakers screeching on the polished floors and bouncing basketballs fills the air. It’s a Thursday night, and students have gathered in Draddy Gymnasium for intramural basketball. Each week, the three-on-three men’s and coed teams — often consisting of two boys and one girl, meet up and play against each other. From 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., each … Continue reading More than Just an (Intramural) Game