Riverdale Restaurant Week: Off-Broadway Bites

Kingsbridge Social Club is your go-to stop for pizza, pasta, sandwiches and local beers in a warm and comforting environment. ADRIANNE HUTTO/ QUADRANGLE

By Adrianne Hutto, Production Editor

Riverdale Restaurant Week, sponsored by Dine Out Riverdale, runs from the 14th to the 21st of Oct. and includes over 30 local eateries as Manhattan College’s neighborhood comes together to showcase its vibrant food scene in a week-long gastronomic journey. With restaurants from Marianne’s Pizza Cafe on Mosholu Ave to Sante Fe on 242nd street, there is bound to be something that scratches every foodies’ itch. 

While Restaurant Week encompasses all of the Riverdale area, the real underrated spots are along the train line. Join The Quadrangle on its tour down the 238th street stairs, exploring the delicious culinary offerings of Riverdale Restaurant Week that should be added to MC’s students list of favorite spots.    

Kingsbridge Social Club

On 3625 Kingsbridge Ave, Kingsbridge Social Club is the spot for wood fired pizza, local beers on tap and hearty pasta dishes. For restaurant week, Kingsbridge Social Club is offering a $35 three course meal and a daily special. 

Kingsbridge Social Club owner David Lindsay explains that the restaurant has been opened since 2017. 

“We tried to do old things from our menu for Restaurant Week,” David Lindsay said. “And today was our very first Instagram Pizza of the Day.” 

The pizza featured blue cheese with San Marzano tomatoes, which is their sauce, and then finished with prosciutto and arugula. 

Lindsay recommends An Beal, Bronx Ale House, which is their sister bar, and the Punchbowl for pool. 

The Last Stop

Named affectionately after the 242nd street station adjacent to it, The Last Stop has everything from Taco Tuesday $5 margaritas and bottomless brunch to mac and cheese and butter chicken.

The Last Stop offers Taco Tuesday deals with $5 margaritas and bottomless
brunch on the weekend. ADRIANNE HUTTO/QUADRANGLE

The owner, Peter Sing, took over the restaurant from his father who owned Shortstop the diner in the same location. 

“This is a fun, friendly community bar,” Sing said. “We do events every weekend; Friday, Saturday we have DJs starting from 10 o’clock at night to three a.m. So it’s a young vibe, everybody’s pretty chill. It’s a safe space.”

As a part of Riverdale Restaurant Week, The Last Stop had a $35 prefixed menu with mozzarella sticks, shrimp tacos and the ‘Hangover Burger’, a classic NY breakfast sandwich with a patty.    

Claudy’s Kitchen

This hole-in-the-wall Peruvian restaurant was opened mid-pandemic and has remained a staple of the community, offering catering for MC events and its students. The owner and head-chef, Claudia Berroa explains that the neighborhood has maintained a constant love and support of the restaurant. 

Claudy’s Kitchen has been a staple of the community since 2020, despite opening mid-pandemic. ADRIANNE HUTTO / QUADRANGLE

“I remember exactly, it was a big, big, big line outside,” Berroa said. “We just posted in the Riverdale Facebook group. And we didn’t expect a lot of support and I was crying because we put our savings, everything in this restaurant.” 

Berroa explains that the food comes straight from traditional Peruvian cooking. 

“Like the way my mom, my grandma, my dad made,” Berroa said. “Coming from a big family, we all like good food. The best food you can get in Peru.”

For restaurant week, Claudy’s Kitchen is doing a rice and chicken lunch special. However, the underrated gem is the sangria, lovingly referred to as ‘Happy Juice.’ The drink is a recipe created by Berroa’s father in law. “A lot of people say it’s one of the best,” Berroa said. “They say that they rank it similar to when they went to Europe.”

While Riverdale Restaurant Week is an annual occurrence, there is no special occasion needed to visit these mouthwatering places. So, take the extra walk down the steps and explore the delicious culinary magic that awaits.   

Editor’s Note: Features Editor, Angelica Niedermeyer, contributed reporting.