Hello and welcome to Issue 2!

This week The Quadrangle dives into the fall semester by celebrating positive updates and occurrences around campus. These include MC receiving the largest NSF grant in history for cyber security, the student commons receiving another LEED certification for sustainability and an all-new housing program for graduate students. Get to know a few of our newest Jaspers in this week’s Voices on the Quad which features first-year students as they discuss their first few weeks on campus. 

This week, The Quad is also welcoming a handful of new members to our staff! We are always accepting new members and we’re so excited for those who have recently decided to join our team. You can expect to see a few new names in bylines over the next few weeks!

As we continue into the fall semester, remember that there are a handful of resources here on campus that are ready to help students achieve their goals. The Center for Academic Success provides tutoring across various subjects and has writing consultants to help with your next paper. In addition, the counseling center is here to provide students with emotional support and other services. RA’s are also available as a resource to students living in dorms. 

I hope you enjoyed last week’s first issue of The JasperJist! Our next issue of this newsletter will come out later this week. If you haven’t subscribed just yet, you can do so with the links on our social media (@mcquad) or on our website (mcquad.org). 

I hope you enjoy this week’s Issue 2 articles and JasperJist! Have a great week!