Fitness Center merged under the Center of Recreation and Wellness

Students hope to continue to see the powerlifting competition despite new management. KAREN FLORES/ THE QUADRANGLE

By Karen Flores, Arts and Entertainment Editor

This semester, the Manhattan College Fitness Center was merged under the new title of the Center of Recreation and Wellness. 

Carmella Liscio, assistant director of recreation and wellness is now in charge of the center with former director, Jay Ahmed, currently holding the position of assistant athletic director.

Students have had some questions regarding the different events held by the center and whether they would continue, as there have been budget cuts in many areas of the school.

Elijah Crawford, a sophomore computer engineering major, said that he hopes the center continues to offer these events since they create a sense of community and allow students to connect with their peers. 

“I participated in the pull-up challenge and I even went to watch some of my friends compete in the powerlifting competition,” said Crawford. “The environment here in the gym when those events were happening was amazing to experience, I hope others get the chance to experience it as well.” 

Liscio wrote to The Quadrangle via email that the programming should continue as long as student leadership wants it to. 

“As long as the student leadership would like to see these programs on campus then they will definitely continue this year,” wrote Liscio. “Some of the student workers in the fitness center are looking into continuing some of the programming this year, so stay tuned!” 

Enzo Bruzzone, a sophomore civil engineering major, is a student worker for the center. He believes that with some guidance, allowing students to run programming will be a great way to help them learn about the logistics behind creating an event. 

“It’s a great way to learn how to be independent and learn about how to manage events,” said Bruzzone. “We would still need guidance as we get acclimated to running these events and for help if we run into some obstacles but it’s a great way to grow our leadership and planning skills.” 

Liscio also wrote that the center decided to start using the ID card scanner in order to open the doors of the center for safety reasons. 

“The scanner has actually been outside of the fitness center for a few years now, but it was not being used,” explained Liscio. “Just like other buildings on campus that have been adding scanners, we wanted to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff using the center.”

She also wrote that she does not expect there to be any more changes this year other than events being student run. 

“My specific plans for the year are just to have the student leaders be in control of what they want to see happening on campus and ensuring the safety of our members using the center,” she wrote. 

Crawford said that he hopes the center continues to provide the same wholesome environment under its new management and adds more activities for students to enjoy. 

“I enjoyed the environment created by the previous director, I hope that the new director continues to keep the stable and inviting environment within this gym alive,” expressed Crawford. 

Ahmed hopes that new students will take advantage of the resources and activities available at the center. 

“I have very fond memories of working with the students over at the Fitness Center and seeing them push themselves during challenges and seeing the gym community grow,” expressed Ahmed. “I wish all the best to all the students coming in and the returning students, and I hope they definitely take advantage of the wonderful facility that we have over there, as well as get involved to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.”