Women’s Lacrosse Team Push Through A Tough Loss Against Fairfield

As the Women’s Lacrosse season comes to a close, the team hopes to enhance their skills next season. JULIA CIAMPA/THE QUADRANGLE

By Julia Ciampa, Staff Writer 

Manhattan College’s women’s lacrosse team persevered through a tough game on April 19 against Fairfield as the Stags took victory, resulting in a final score of 10-3.

Although the Stags took the win, the hard work and dedication of the Manhattan College Women’s Lacrosse team definitely shined through. Starting off strong with a tie of 1 – 1 in the first period, the skills and strategies that the Jaspers utilized seemed very promising for a win.

Building up her stamina in the second period, senior Jillian Reiner locked in and scored an incredibly skillful second goal, promising hope for the Jaspers to dominate the Stags. 

Senior attacker Reagan Mullins aided in a great assist during the initial phases of period 3, as the Jaspers pushed through a tough period. 

With nearly nine minutes left in the third period, Fairfield tallied three additional goals, changing the score to 9-2. 

However, Reiner stepped up in the fourth period and scored her second goal of the evening, with only five minutes left in the period. Scoring goal three, Reiners dedication to the game was at full swing. 

“What motivated me most to get out there and play the way that I did today is the fact that I’m a senior, and this is one of my last two games at Manhattan,” Reiner said. “I continue to push myself and put all I have out there, and continue to play with no regrets.” 

The Stags continued to score towards the end of the last two periods, and as the buzzer hit zero, the final score of the game was 13-3 with Fairfield coming on top. 

In their previous games, the lady Jaspers preserved through other tough games, such as their game at the MAAC, where they played Niagara, and their game resulted in a 3-3 tie among the two teams. Manhattan also played Siena (11-5, 6-1 MAAC) last Saturday, but could not come out as victorious as the Jaspers were defeated by the Saints 9-8. 

Unfortunately this pattern of losses has been prevalent among the team, but nonetheless the Jaspers motives have been promising. 

“Compared to our last game, I think we struggled with the little things, as we started to tap into the mental side too much once we got to the second half of the game,” women’s lacrosse team head coach Jeanna Dingler said. “I believe that overall this is the strongest team in our conference, and I truly think we put up a good fight for the beginning of the game, we just need to be able to sustain that more.”

Although the women’s lacrosse team has not had a promising season, the teams devotion to lacrosse does not go unnoticed.

“My team goes through a lot of our practice work, such as wall ball, doing extra reps, and completing individual exercises,” Reiner said. “We even go through the motions of what tricks our opposing team might have up their sleeve, in efforts to be fully prepared for anything. Maintaining a good mindset is also something that my team values and portrays, as we try to prove the MAAC wrong at every game.” 

“I know our game against Fairfield today doesn’t reflect on it, but I think overall the girls really have a lot of hustle,” Dingler said. “Skill set aside, I know that everytime we step on the field they will work 110 percent hard, and that’s really all I can ask for as their coach.”

As the Women’s Lacrosse season comes to a close, the team hopes to enhance their skills next season.