Return to In-Person Activity Brings Changes to COVID Safety Measures Across Campus

By Jocelyn Visnov, Web Editor/Asst. Production Editor

As Manhattan College continues to monitor the state of the pandemic, several COVID safety precaution policies have been modified for the Spring 2022 semester so that students and staff can safely continue to gather in-person. 

With the transition to in-person instruction, study spaces like O’Malley Library and the Kelly Commons have again become lively with students and staff meeting masked-face to masked-face. 

Unlike last semester, in order to enter the Kelly Commons, you must first swipe your MC Identification Card for the front entrance doors to unlock. This is one of several changes made to increase security measures in the building. 

Upon entering the building, showing your Green Pass on the Glance app to the security desk is now a mandatory procedure for being granted access to the rest of the building. 

However, with guests, prospective students and other guests who do not have access to the Glace app, procedures are slightly different if they require access to the buildings. In order to be granted access, they must fill out the Daily Symptom Tracker and provide proof of receiving their initial COVID vaccines, and a booster shot. Links for guests to fill out the Daily Symptom Tracker are available by scanning the QR code located at the security desk. 

Along with either showing your Green Pass or completing the Symptom Tracker if you’re a guest, continuous wearing of proper face-coverings are mandatory in most spaces across campus. KN95 or N95 masks were made available to students during One Manhattan Booster clinics.

“If you don’t have a Green Pass, I’m not letting you in. And not just here, [in the Kelly Commons] really anywhere on campus,” an anonymous source said. 

The same policy goes for individuals who do not have a mask or proper face-covering with them while entering on-campus facilities. If you do not have a mask, security may not grant you access to the building. 

A similar policy goes for entering the O’Malley Library.  If you’re a student or staff member, you are required to wear a mask and show your Green Pass in order to continue to use the library.

William Walters, the executive director of the O’Malley Library, explains that being granted entrance to library facilities is a different procedure for those who have access to the library other than MC students. 

“For library patrons other than current faculty, staff and students, which would be alumni or faculty from other institutions who are borrowing privileges here, we do check their vaccination cards. They are required to be vaccinated. So for them we’re going to need to see a photo ID, their access card, which is basically giving them library privileges” Walters said. 

Walters and other staff members continue to survey the premises, ensuring that students continue to wear masks while using the library. 

Kate Behrens, an MC student who works in the O’Malley Library, explains that staff continue to monitor policies for fair and easy library use. 

“We do our best to stay on top of it.” She said, “But sometimes, especially when it’s crowded during finals week and midterm week, it gets a little bit hectic. But I think the administration and the library crew, they’re doing everything that they really can do to stay on top of green passes.” 

In addition to increased COVID safety precautions, students are only to use library study rooms if you have the number of people with you that is posted on the door. For example, if you have a group of three students in your study group, you should not be using a study room meant for eight people. 

As for most spaces on campus this semester, staff and administrators ask that students fill out the symptom tracker each day, and show their Green Passes upon entering most buildings. Check your MC email address for information from OneManhattan about continued updates and safety policies.