MC Welcomes a New Sorority to Campus

By Isaiah Rosario, Asst. Sports Editor

Manhattan College has officially gained a second sorority: Alpha Pi Phi (APP). The chapter will begin recruitment as early as the fall 2022 semester. 

As of Jan. 19, there are currently six sisters in this sorority who make up the chapter’s executive board. Vice President Jamie Robbins spoke to The Quadrangle about the initial creation of the chapter. 

“It was actually kind of just a coincidence … I have an apartment by campus and, you know, the girls came over one day, and we were doing some homework, I don’t know what we were doing,” Robbins said. “But then it was just suddenly like, I was thinking of rushing the sorority [Sigma Delta Tau] but there’s only one sorority on campus, choices are really limited … I want to rush and maybe be a part of Greek life, but I don’t know if I just have one option.”

The current executive board of APP consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, MDO (rush coordinator), EPO (philanthropy head) and an MSO (teacher figure towards rushees). 

Robbins explained that anyone who identifies as female and non-binary will be able to rush once the chapter begins recruitment next fall.

“We allow all self-identifying women and people who identify as non-binary and who identify with pronouns they/them. We are all-inclusive, no one should be turned away,” Robbins said. 

Alpha Pi Phi is looking to continue the celebration of diversity at Manhattan College.   

“With diversity, we’re not looking for a certain type of cookie-cutter person to like, apply for us,” Robbins said. “At the end of the day, it’s really about personality, and if we can vibe together how well you like to talk to other people, like … we promote that [diversity] by not just looking for physical attributes in welcoming you into our sorority.”

Alpha Pi Phi is working with numerous organizations, such as an Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk, women’s homeless shelters in the surrounding area, and Bras for a Cause. Bras for a Cause is a fundraising event that will be held once a semester, in which people can drop off old bras, new bras and new underwear that will be donated to a woman’s homeless shelter. 

With the opening of this new chapter on campus, APP will look to collaborate with the other sorority on campus, SDT, as well as collaborate with the other fraternities on campus for fundraising events. Alpha Pi Phi also looks forward to working with their other chapters. 

“We definitely look to co-sponsor different events with them,” Sandoval said. “I’m hoping that with the other sorority [Sigma Delta Tau], we could do something with that women’s shelter together to really just kind of empower all these women and bring them together for a really good cause.” 

The sisters of Alpha Pi Phi stated that they are not looking for competition with the Sigma Delta Tau. They are looking to expand options for students on campus who are interested in Greek life. 

All current members of Alpha Pi Phi, from left to right, are Gabby Sandoval, Pamela Moleri, Katie Feeley-Leetz, Jamie Robbins, Adrianne Hutto, and Maddy Rapuano. ADRIANNE HUTO / THE QUADRANGLE

“We’re here to just expand Greek life. We’re not here to go in competition with the other sorority,” Treasurer Catherine Feeley-Leetz said. “We want to be friends with [Sigma Delta Tau]. We want to be friendly with all the Greek life already here on campus. We want to do things with them and work together.”

A common sentiment that the sisters brought up was how unique the sorority is. 

“We all have something unique that we bring to the table and I think that’s what sets us apart from the other Greek Life chapters on campus,” secretary Gabby Sandoval said. “It’s really like a place for everyone. and there’s something for everyone. I don’t know, I think we all just kind of like mesh beautifully.”