Sanctus Artem to Continue its Post-Lockdown Comeback

By Jilleen Barrett, Features Editor & Managing editor

Sanctus Artem, Manhattan College’s art collaborative, is continuing its comeback after it was brought back to campus life during the fall 2020 semester. President and vice president Sabrina Beharry and Craig Chambers are largely responsible for the club’s return.

According to Chambers, the club had stopped meeting during the first few months of the pandemic because many of its members had graduated with the class of 2020. Beharry explained her motivation for reviving it.

“I missed having our club on campus,” Beharry said. “So I texted the last president, [Ryan Askin] … I met up with him at An Beal and then we just decided to start the club again.”

Chambers spoke about the range of events the club offers.

“Most of our events so far are coloring events where we mess around with different art styles,” Chambers said. “The Bob Ross paintings are my favorites … We’re looking forward to doing pastels and playdough in the future, we did crayons, markers, just kinds of mediums.”

Beharry also hopes to see a painting and sip event happen before midterms to help students relax.

Marina Morean, a business management major who is studying abroad at Manhattan from Spain, went to many of the events held by the club last semester. She said her favorite events involved painting, noting the Bob Ross event in particular.

“I like to do art classes … [Sanctus Artem does] a variety of things, for example, one day was splatter painting, another day was perspective [drawing] where they put objects on a table and we went around and everyone drew the same object,” Morean said. “No event is the same …  and it’s nice because you can try new things.”

That’s exactly what Chambers says he wants to achieve through the club — introducing people to art and showing them how to be more comfortable with it.

“My main focus is creating a comfortable space where people can hang out, it’s not even so much about your skill or your expertise in art,” Chambers said. “It’s more so just about having a common interest with the people around you and having a place where you can socialize and do something fun and creative.”

“It’s more about creating an inclusive environment where anyone feels comfortable to join,” Beharry added.

Sanctus Artem will be adding something entirely new to their lineup of events. In addition to their weekly meetings and events, they plan to escort a group down to the Whitney Museum in Chelsea later this semester.
“We’re planning a trip to the Whitney in Chelsea, and we’re going to go on a day that it’s free because I know college students can’t afford that 25 dollar museum ticket,” Beharry said. “So we’re going to go down as a group when the weather gets warmer in the spring.”

Students who are interested in joining Sanctus Artem can find out more information by looking at their Instagram account, @sanctusartem, or attending one of their meetings in De La Salle Hall on Tuesdays at 4:30.