MC Soccer Alum Founds Non-Profit: The Beestera Foundation

By, Lauren Raziano, Web Editor/Asst. Sports Editor

Jasper soccer alum Josh Binfield ’16, recently created his own nonprofit organization, the Beestera Foundation, focused on serving youth athletes in underserved communities.

Binfield has been teaching and coaching in underserved communities for the past eight years and recognized the gap of funding and accessibility in sports.

“The pay-to-play model in the US has contributed to a lack of opportunities for kids living in low-income communities.” Binfield wrote in an email to the Quadrangle. “Barriers such as lack of quality coaching, inadequate access to facilities and little to no equipment for programs. I felt the need to bridge the gap of the haves and the have nots.”

The Beestera Foundation has a goal to provide services through volunteers and other resources.

“Through volunteerism and professional development, I believe the Beestera Foundation can fulfill our mission to provide coaching, facilities, and equipment in underserved communities,” Binfield wrote.

Binfield acknowledges that his Manhattan College professors fostered confidence to help him create his non-profit.

“My professors at Manhattan College, mostly in the physical education department, gave me the tools to succeed in my teaching and coaching career,” Binfield wrote. “More importantly, my professors gave me the confidence to always go above and beyond in my profession. I love being a teacher and a coach, and now I want to be a leader for change in the community I work in.”

The Beestera Foundation is focused on serving youth athletes in underserved communities. BEESTERA FOUNDATION / COURTESY

Jorden Scott, the head coach of Jasper men’s soccer, always recognized Binfield’s organized leadership qualities on and off the field.

“He was a phenomenal kid and he was very analytical in his approach to the game, with a very elite level of knowledge of how the game works tactically. I could see there was a passion in him for teaching and coaching.” Scott said.

Scott acknowledged that Binfield has been able to overcome the impact of COVID-19 to create an inspirational athletic program.

“I think the effects of the last two and a half years and even during those tough times for families, we have become very intrinsic.” Scott said. “We want to take care of ourselves, our mental health or physical health. And during that time, Josh has managed to look beyond that.”

The Jasper Men’s Soccer program encourages its athletes to keep in mind the bigger picture of life.

“We prepare our kids in my program and in men’s soccer that there is a bigger picture in life. You know, there is a bigger goal in mind and not just winning games, and I think I’ve al- ways believed that,” Scott said.

When Binfield was looking to develop a sports foundation, Scott offered advice about look- ing into developing a program for athletics for underserved communities.

“I gave him some advice with his course and suggested to him to look at the participation of soccer in inner cities, specifically with the female population,” Scott said.

This past June the Beestera Foundation, in partnership with Albany Youth Soccer and Albany Soccer Club, provided a team of volunteer coaches for the “Super Girls Clinic.”

“The June 19 clinic brought together nearly 40 elementary school girls for an hour of skills training and interactive empowerment activities,” the Beestera Foundation shared on their website. “The Beestera Foundation is excited to kickstart their philanthropic efforts in the Capital Region and plans to expand the Super Girls Clinic in the future.”

In January the Beestera Foundation launched a program called “Just Play,” running in the City School District of Albany for students in third through fifth grade, with the

hopes of expanding the program to include two more Just Play programs soon.

“The Just Play program is a new initiative which invites anyone who wants to play and learn the game of soccer. The Beestera Foundation provides the equipment, trains the volunteer coaches, and will pay and advocate for the facility rental.” Binfield wrote.

Through the “Super Girls Clinic” event and the “Just Play” program the Beestera Foundation strives to achieve its mission and goal.

“I want the Beestera Foundation to stay true to its mis- sion and vision. We want to provide opportunities for soccer in as many underserved communities as we can, all the while providing professional development to our volunteer coaches.” Binfield wrote.

If any students know a community or soccer organization that could use the help of the Beestera Foundation, please reach out to the Director of the Beestera Foundation, Josh Binfield, at