Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

I hope you are beginning to enjoy the descent into true fall weather. I know I am, but I have to say, I miss having more consistently sunny days.

This week, I want to highlight the work of Brian Asare, our photography editor. Each week, he does a great job of organizing all the photos our staff members submit to him, selecting which photos in a set of many move forward to the production team and editing the photos in aesthetically pleasing ways. However, this week, Brian did all of that and more. He has two photo spreads this week: one from the cleanup at Dogwood Junction, the other from the Black Lives Matter vigil. His work is truly fantastic
and I hope you spend time really looking at the photos. To read something is one thing, but to see it happen and unfold is another thing, and I am so glad Brian was able to capture these moments for you.

As always, though, I’m incredibly impressed with the work of this entire staff. They work so hard week in and week out and the work pays off. Every member of the team brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table and we would not be able
to get this paper into your hands if we didn’t have a team of people so willing to collaborate and help each other be the most successful reporters they can be. This work is not easy but the team makes it look easy. Manhattan College is lucky to have such a dedicated team and I hope you, dear readers, realize that. And I, I am so lucky to work with all of them. They make me a better editor, a better reporter, a better friend and a better human. What an incredible joy in such anxiety-ridden times!


Gabriella DePinho Editor-in-Chief